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August 18, 2005

Help with your head

I heard somewhere the phrase "The World only Spins Forward." Technically correct, but if used as a metaphor, the phrase "Spinning out of Control" comes to mind. Why can't it spin fast enough to fling some of the idiots in the world clean off? I wonder what that would be like. I also think the "ex's" version is "the World Revolves around Me," while people that know her would tend to disagree with her and agree with me...especially my father. But I'm oddly comforted by "The World Only Spins Forward" in sort of an 'Indiana Jones running across the bridge that collapses behind him' sort of way. Like we're forced to look ahead, stop spending time lamenting the past, but rather planning for the future, or just bracing ourselves for what else is coming at us. It also makes me wonder if we're unique (since people who think they are unique tend to imitate someone else), and do we have our own freewill, or are really just like rats in a cage? I also wonder if the past is prologue and we're writing any of this down, or we're taking no lessons from it and doomed to repeat it. Does it bring back the phrase "don't mean nothing?" If I yell out "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore," will someone hear me? Will anyone give a shit?

Regardless, the World only Spins Forward, and I like that phrase. It is at the same time, both comforting and something that makes me want to yell "Shit!" What do we do with our memories? Am I ready for what comes next? Will it hit me in the face like everything else seems to do? Will I finally learn to duck? Will I want to? Does that mean I say, "fuck it, the world only spins forward, damn the torpedoes" and all that?



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