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August 19, 2005


So why is it I need a pin number to access the web page, then another pin number to access my own personal information? Wasn't that what the first f'ing pin number was for? Oh, so I enter the "temporary" pin (which they didn't give me) before I enter a new one? Oh, but if I have a problem, the website tells me I have people I can reach 24-hours a day. Bullshit. Unless you consider some woman's voice on a recording saying when they're really open is a person on the phone, you're screwed! Oh, but the recording says the website is available 24/7. That's true, unless you CAN"T ACCESS THE GODDDAMNED WEBSITE WITHOUT TALKING TO A LIVE PERSON FIRST!!! Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

I won't even talk about all the money I give them "just in case," but after years and years of giving them all that "just in case " money and nothing's happened, I still don't get any money back! Then I see all the people who give the insurance companies their money for homeowners insurance for years and years. Then a hurricane comes by, the company is finally needed to pay up, and they cancel people's policies because of "risk." Yeah, right...risk. The only f'ing risk involved in the risk to the insurance companies huge profit margin. I hate insurance companies!


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