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August 18, 2005

Your "shit" is not important...

To all the pretentious, condescending fools in Hollywood who think what they do is actually's not. To the people who get paid to play the games I played for free as a're not either. To the ACLU and your warped sense of right and wrong...neither are you... No one that pretends to be someone else for a living, bounces a ball, or argues to take the rights from the masses means jack squat to me. Cheese is more useful.

To all the soldiers out there, guaranteeing the rights of the same Hollywood idiots that would look down their noses at you, the sports people who would deny you their little signature, and the jackoff lawyers that want to turn the Constitution you swear to give your life for into nothing but toilet paper...keep it up, for they know not what they do, the sacrifices you make in order to give them something they don't really understand, or the debt they owe you.


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