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August 17, 2005

The "foresakethetroops" guy

This is a copy of the email I sent that jackoff.

"Oddly enough Sir, I agree with most of the things you say. If you could be a bit more constructive, it would add credibility to your argument. Anyone can attack the current events, but offering solutions would advance your position far more than sheer rhetoric, and I would suggest more constructive solutions than just telling people to go fuck themselves.

You are, however, incorrect as to one part of your assertion that the US Constitution alone affords you your rights. Remember, the writing of the Constitution was only possible after we formed our country, which was only possible after we fought the Revolutionary War. Soldiers paid for our freedom.

Like they say in pop-culture, don’t hate the player, hate the game. To hate those in the military is to hate people who are willing to sacrifice their very lives in order to guarantee your rights to say what you do. If we are all created equally, Sir, then you should love your fellow man, including those in the military, as yourself. Trust me, none of the soldiers want to be here, and none of them want to kill anyone. Most of them are just kids who would rather be back home in college or going to the beach instead of here. I believe that if my being here keeps one less of them from coming, then I’ll stay as long as I can. The same Constitution you use to justify your actions explains that the civilian politicians are in charge of the military. Your ire is misdirected?

Try not to hate, Sir. Hatred benefits no one."


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