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August 18, 2005

Natalie Holloway Reality Check

In an earlier entry, I spoke of "fault." Now people are in Aruba trying to establish fault for the disappearance of this 18 year-old girl. That's easy. Her parents are to blame. Wake up and smell the coffee!

She was only 18, a high school graduate for all of what? A day? Then she's out in a casino on a Carribean island where she was obviously unsupervised and unprotected. Want that in English? Her parents threw her to the wolves. She was a kid. Do you hear me? A kid. Then she was piss-drunk in a bar at barely 18 years old. Nice. How much more raw meat is that for the Wolf? Oh, I forgot, she was apparently so drunk, her friends were trying to sober her up in the bathroom...but where did these "friends" go? Do you want to know? They stood aside when they saw the Wolf. Then they let her get into someone's car in that condition, obviously to go have some type of activity with a guy...the Wolf. Why didn't they think it was odd that she was trotting off with guys? Why would they just let her go? Hmmm.

Now her parents can cut the shit. Okay, we see your despair and anger for what it is...guilt. The sooner you see that, you'll be able to live with yourselves...or not. Either way, the fault is yours.


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