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August 17, 2005

Sports "Entertainers"

It's hard to watch self-important jagoffs act the fool with straight faces, but you see it all the time. Of course, my GAS (Give a S---) level for professional “sports entertainers” is about as high as my regard for them…about as high as a lizard’s nuts.

These overgrown children with super-inflated egos fail to realize they are a collective joke, a temporary diversion, a momentary opportunity to lose oneself in the truly meaningless…all while they look down their egomaniacal noses at the “lesser people.” They have lost themselves in a sea of special treatment and ridiculous compensation, coming away from it all with a false sense of importance.

I don’t go to games anymore, the hassle and the cost, and too little action for my son make it just no fun, and I could swear I played the game as a kid for free, without needing steroids. What I do instead, is subject myself to missing years of my son’s life and go to places where people hate me and the conditions are difficult in order to protect these baseball knucklehead’s right to be the personification of the gluteus orifice. Truth is, they haven’t earned the right to act like they do, and none of them have the honor or the sack to admit that, then come on over and grab a weapon.

Tony Montana had it right when he said “I hate that f’ing Sosa!” Now I look at Palmiera and see Edward G. Robinson “you’re not gonna get me Copper, no! See!” Well, guess what Raffy…you are still dumb enough to use the tried and true excuse of a 6-year old, so when they ask you why you lied and why you use drugs, you can just say…“because.”

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