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August 18, 2005


Jimmy came from humble beginnings. He got his first pair of new shoes when he received his issue at basic training. He was 19, and finally something he didn't have to share with his brother. Jimmy knew how to share, and it showed. He lent his heart to his fellow squad members, his body to the daily operations of patrolling the streets and handing out aid...and his soul to the Army. He wasn't particularly religious, still wondering why so much evil is brought on so many children in the name of one god or another, and if that god did exist, why it didn't yell out "okay, cut it out!" He didn't normally dream of home. His childhood was a poor one, and he found his first taste of opportunity and experience of the outside world in the Army, where he was seeing new things, but still had a family, of sorts. When he was sent to the desert, he didn't understand why, but he came. When he first got attacked, and when his friend got killed, he never knew why it had to happen, but he was a soldier, doing his duty.

He never did find out why he came here...and now he never will.

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