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August 19, 2005

Would you Clone your Wife?

I wonder about unusual things sometimes. This morning I wondered, "if people could clone other people, and I asked someone if they would clone their wife," what would they say? So would you? I know everyone thinks they'll clone their dog or some other damn thing, but when you really think about who you would clone if you could, would you clone your wife? Would you mire yourself down with questions of morality? Would you want to clone someone you know can continue the family name? Would you clone someone who you knew will die young? Someone who did? Is it natural? Should we fix all those accidents where some idiot says "it was just his time" when a 17-year old dies in a car wreck after being hit by some drunken asshole?
What if it's like in the movies, where the clone was your age after cloning? Would you clone your wife? If you did, would your wife freak out about that? Is she the jeaolous type? Would she get possessive of you, not trust herself, and get jealous of your relationship with "her?" Would she be upset if you spent time with her instead of her? If you took both of them out fishing, and then asked a question , would they both answer? Would it be the same answer? Would they get their period at the same time? If you took them both bikini shopping, would they choose the same one? I wonder...
On the flip side, if you said you wouldn't clone your wife, would that piss her off? Is she a nagging pain-in-the-ass that you wish would get hit by a train? Was she svelt in school but now resembles a trophy land-tuna? That may be a good break-up line..."if I could clone you, I wouldn't."
If you had a great kid but couldn't have any more, would you clone your kid? I would! I'd clone my girlfriend too, since she's one-of-a-kind, and the world would benefit from more of her. Yeah, yeah, she's a product of a great childhood, her parents did very well, I know. But something has to be said for her genetics too...Grrrrrrrrr. My old dog Jesse would get cloned too.

Would I clone the ex? Not a chance...


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