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August 17, 2005

The new skank

You know, I'm waiting for the new skank. you know what I mean. In the world of skanky women, their shelf-life is really short. It seems to me that Paris Hilton has outlived her skank shelf-life, and we're due a new skank. I admit she was great, what with her strange face, odd body, no talent, and apparent problem with keeping her legs together, it was fun to last. but I think she's outlasted her utility, as there is apparently a skank shortage created by Paris's reluctance to go the "way of the buffalo and Tears for Fears."
The Reality check portion of this entry is really to myself! Why do i even bother talking about this broad? Well, because our country seems to be so interested in her that we hold up trashy gutter sluts to be important people in our lives, when she, just like Brad and Jen, Ben and Jen, Ben and Ben or whoever, just add up to meaningless diversions to take our minds off what's really important in life...and that's kind of sad...


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