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March 4, 2006

Here's another problem with us...

The "Stars" are to arrive at the Oscars in "Green Cars."

Oh my god! Where do I start on this one?

alright. Here goes... We call them stars and "VIP's" when all they do is pretend to be someone else for a living and get paid obscene amounts of money to do it. It's a lifestyle that's absolutely worthless to humanity. The kind of people who have "entourages," and while they protest against things like guns, their bodyguards are close by fully strapped.

They push agendas and ideals on us by using mass media and expect for all of us to take it. Well, I don't. I don't think a movie about gay sheep herders is what the entire country wants to see. I don't agree with rich-person politics of "listen to me bitch and snivel because I'm important," and I wish they'd either do what they say they will do, or just shut the fuck up. I know of at least three actors who said they would split if GW Bush won re-election, and they're still here running their mouths.

Have you seen the size of these people's houses? Wow! How much does it take to heat or cool those things? How much land was dug up or trees cut down? You're so green you own ten other cars that get really bad gas mileage, but as a stunt, you go to the Oscars in a "green" vehicle. Do you people know what "hypocrite" means?

Why do we care about the Oscars anyway? Answer: because we're so starved for bullshit entertainment in the US, we'd watch George Clooney taking a shit if it came on the tube. The "Oscars" is a party thrown by Hollywood, where Hollywood comes and kisses Hollywood's ass for how great Hollywood is. Then everyone worries about the dresses the women wear, and who is going to what after-party. It's almost like the prom but doesn't suck as bad.

"George Clooney takes time from his yacht in Italy to ride in a hybrid Lexus" sounds a bit more truthful. "Brokeback actor Gyllenhaal takes time from riding the baloney pony and trying to convince himself he took the right part to take a bio-diesel burning truck to the Oscars" makes some sense. Maybe "More people hope Crash gets into a crash than comes to the Oscars in a hybrid" is more honest than the article's version.

One thing is true. They tell the truth when they say "people are flocking to them" in reference to alternative fuel vehicles. Since Hollywood types are "stars" and VIP's," they're not included in that group. When will Paris Hilton tell us how "green" she is?

Believing that anything they do is honest and genuine is like trying to convince yourself that a pig doesn't eat a lot of crap.

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