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March 4, 2006

Big Duke Heads to The Slammer

This guy's an ass. Is anyone surprised? I don't think so.

We expect politicians to be corrupt. We're not surprised when they turn criminal. We do that to them. We also pick people who have the media talent to win, calling them "electable." That name goes to mostly rich, pampered people who are about as informed about the real world as a Barbie or Ken doll. Want proof? Just look at the Hollywood idiots they hang out with.

We created an atmosphere of royalty where the elected officials think we serve them. The truth is...we do. After all, how does someone drive drunk with a woman in the car that is not your wife, drive into the water, leave the scene, allow the woman to drown, lies about it, and still get to be a Senator? Answer: because we allow political "dynasties" in this country where daddy can buy you elections and get you out of trouble.

Look how they're treated. Look at their ridiculous retirement pension for working a mere six years. Military people have to work 20 years or nothing. Anything less, and no pension...not even if it's one day less.

They get to vote for their own pay raises. What could be more wrong? We let lobbyists run freely through Washington with money practically falling out of their pockets as they go. We let people stay in office forever, while the president has a term limit. Why should Kerry and Kennedy, or Lott and DeLay be allowed to create their own little kingdoms? This very thing leads to vice and graft.

This Cunningham dipshit isn't the only politician that thinks he's above the law. He's just the latest one that got caught. I bet if we started an investigation into corrupt politicians, we'd uncover all kinds of things.

Personally, I'm glad he's going to the Pokey. Maybe we should call him "Colonel Clink?" I'd like to send a bunch more with him. Others I'd just like to give a good old-fashioned Jersey ass-kicking.

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