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March 1, 2006

Civil war looms with 68 killed in Baghdad

No it doesn't.

These people have been murdering each other since the dawn of time. This is the"cradle of civilization" remember. Of course, it's not all that civilized, is it?

The people there are also smart enough to understand that "piece-of-shit" insurgent terrorists are trying to start a civil war by alternating which religious sect they kill.

They're not smart enough, however, to realize they've been duped by Osama Bin Laden. These disaffected, angry, poor Muslims who are striking out against the west because the evil capitalists are to blame, fail to realize that Bin Laden himself was once a rich capitalist, and all his money comes from his parents, who are about the richest land developers in Saudi Arabia. That's right, they're following a spoiled rich kid.

Sheik that!

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