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February 28, 2006

Venezuela expands controversial US fuel sales

Wow! The stories about Venezuela just keep coming, and considering the people involved, you could fill-up an entire "Ship of Fools" on this one. A whole heap of thoughts come to mind.

-We're spending billions in an oil country on their freedom, while we diminish our own freedoms at home. We also would never take oil from Iraq since the increased supply would lower the prices here and thus the profits for the oil companies and all the politicians they "grease."

-We have people who can't afford to buy heating oil because our government lets the oil companies make record profits. That's just freaking stupid. Profit from misery...the American way.

-I got it! If they can't afford the heating oil, help them buy the house! What? Yes, this is actually our government's attitude. Are you people serious or just seriously misguided? Sometimes rich people suck. Well...most times.

-If Representative Barton is wondering if this is part of a hostile government's belligerent policy toward us, I have to ask if the fact it's happening on our own soil concerns him?

-Politicians are wondering if this is a political stunt. Ya think? How long did it take you to figure that out, Mr. Whitfield? Or should I call you Einstein? By the way...the current administration doesn't need any help looking like fools. You however, need me to point out the obvious. Read on...

-Can't politicians see the obvious? If you wonder if this is political, liberal, anti-republican, designed to embarrass people, just look at the picture and you'll realize there's a Kennedy involved!!! I wonder if he's getting anything under the table? Teddy probably is. Wealthy hypocrite liberals dealing with communists in order to sling mud on the republicans? Say it isn't so! By the you see any republican states taking that oil?

-Political stunt or not, it got poor people heating oil.

-Why does some religious knucklehead (or group of knuckleheads) from an oil state think the best way to help these poor people is to boycott the Venezuelan State Oil Company Citgo...the same people that give us 15% of our oil. Yep, religious compassion in action. After this, I have some baseball bats so you can fix that little homeless problem.

-Does it bother anyone that a communist country in South America considers our country in need of "humanitarian assistance?" It bothers me.

-When will our politicians realize they've sold us all out to the oil companies? They decided profits for themselves and the oil companies are more important than our own citizens. What makes it worse is, in the very next breath they contradict themselves by bending over for China.

The press calls it a "spat" between Chavez and President Bush. Why do we expect a street kid and a rich kid can get along? When will someone around here realize the "rich" United States is running on credit, spending the kids college money, and the poor Venezuela has us by the cajones?

-Where did the sense of shame go? We lost our pride long ago...

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