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March 7, 2006


I heard the other day that Sean Combs wants to be called "Diddy" now. Hmmm. Let's review, shall we?

First it was Sean Combs. Then it was Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs. That was followed by "Puff Daddy," which was followed by "Puffy," then "P-Diddy," all of which not considered as "hip" and trendy as just plain old "Diddy." Maybe it's the efficiency of the one-word name...

I have questions about the further evolution of one Mr. Combs....a talented and successful man for sure, but someone who suffers from obvious identity issues. After all, who is Sean Jean? Is he French too?

After Diddy, I think it will go to "Do-wa-Diddy," which, as anyone knows, comes with a soundtrack from the glorious British Band Manfred Mann. I see a dub session in the future since rappers apparently have no talent or patience when it comes to melody, but here's some advice; somebody already did Ice-Ice Baby, and "what's his name" already did Led Zeppelin. I know...what balls...

This will undoubtedly be followed by "Do-wa-Diddy-Diddy," and after by "Diddy-Diddy-do." Of course, the next logical adaptation would be the even more efficient "Diddy-do," but since that sounds like a noun and tends to make people think of doggie doo, Mr. Combs will probably skip that one and go straight for the next evolution...Diddy Dum.

Then I ask you; why doesn't he save us all the waiting, skip the foreplay and all the machinations thus saving us all a mess of time and change his name now to it's final maxim...Dum.

Of course, you heard it from Brainclogger, not B-Clogger or B-Clog or even just Clog.

Definitely not B-Diddy...

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