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March 1, 2006

The ACLU hates your rights...and you...

So the guy building Ave Maria University in Florida wants to make the town strictly Catholic and the ACLU scum lawyer down there doesn't like it, and is already talking lawsuit. I wonder if he would be bitching if it was a town full of gays, convicts, pedophiles, Muslims, or blacks?

Ever been to Utah there, Mr. Simon (the lawyer in question)? Mormons live the way Mormons are told to live, and if you don't want to comply, then don't live there. Wow! What a concept! If you don't like it, then don't live there. Were you planning to buy property at Ave Maria? Change your plans.

So is it just Christians you hate, or Catholics specifically? Why don't they have the right to do what they want, just like the other groups you stump for? Isn't it politically correct enough for you?

Are they discriminating against some pornographer you have as a client? Did the gay groups feel threatened? Hey! They take over South Beach and other prime real estate and no one whines about it, so if they're griping about this one, tell them to shut the f---k up. They weren't moving into Immokalee anyway.

So some liberal anti-Catholic lobbyist gets a say here? Blame the liberal press on that one. The fact some lesbian in D.C. doesn't like their bans on abortion and birth control is her right, but remember that other people have rights equal to hers. She says it's "un-American," saying it'll be a township that will want to restrict the rights of it's citizens. No such thing. They are trying to attract like-minded people who want to live in a place guided by certain principles. Not only is that a refreshing idea, but I think they'll have no problem selling all the real estate.

But then again, why am I thinking of Waco Texas, and the movie "The Village?"

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