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February 27, 2006

Hillary gets a Bullshit Flag!!!

So she's so upset about the ports deal she had to go to Florida to talk about it? That's pretty stupid since she's a Senator from New York. Or is she? Wasn't she a resident of Arkansas?

Why wasn't she down at the Port of New York?

-One reason is she is a politician escaping the February weather.

-Another is she wanted to say she wouldn't stand for a foreign company running the ports, but be far enough away from the New York area when she said it. After all, a foreign company already runs the Port of New York! Talk about a lying politician!

-She's also stumping for a run for the presidency while all the liberal news agencies are doing their best to convince the American people they're ready for a female president. Look at this poll. Look at that poll. It's all B-S too.

She can say what she long as she makes it snappy. I'm coming back from the Middle East in a couple months and don't want her to scare the fish away. Apparently they can sense evil.

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