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February 27, 2006

Venezuela flight ban will have some impact on South Florida...

...and make me rant...

Okay everyone, let's all try and get along. We can be adults about American-Venezuelan relations one of these days, right?

Truth is, American relations with Venezuela is one of (quite a few) areas where I have to say the U.S. is failing. It makes me wonder if any of the politicians involved ever had to share a playpen with other kids, or actually played on the playground instead of sitting by themselves and watching the other kids.

What the Secretary of State meant to say was Chavez was a threat, not Venezuela. If Venezuela really took ten years to react to something the American government did, that's weak. However, I have a feeling it's something else or this would get more play on the news.

I think Chavez is just waiting for our country to be good to him. Doesn't anyone else see him wearing his Yankees jersey? Hello? So when did we make the rule that we show respect to every other macho Latin guy in charge of something except Hugo Chavez?

How many other Latin countries are we going to piss on before it bites us on the ass? Marxism and Socialism are spreading like wildfire in South America and no one seems too concerned. We'll take Venezuelan oil but we won't show respect to the leader of the country? Is the United States being disingenuous?

Personally, I don't like how American politicians decide who to be nice to and what "face" to show to each country. I want a say in that process. There are far too many people in our government with their own agendas and who don't consider the good and will of all Americans as a primary concern. People say you're either part of the solution or part of the problem. I think in this case, we are the problem. Chavez has something we can't live without, but we feel it's okay to treat him like we do. I'm sorry to say, but our oil dependence makes us weak, and in many cases, forces us to kiss ass and turn our heads to things we really shouldn't.

Why doesn't Chavez get the same treatment we give the Saudi's? We're all puckered-up for people from the Middle East but we crap all over people from our own hemisphere. We spend billions of dollars on bringing peace and democracy to countries in the Middle East that don't even want it, while we pay no attention to our own back yard. That's just not very smart.

On a side note, when do we give our Spanish-speaking citizens their due (wow, that's another issue)? I'm not one of them, but I know bullshit when I see it. We're also too focused on Cuba, and our bullshit wet foot/dry foot policy gets people killed and makes us look stupid (like we need any help with that one).

The way our country selectively chooses its friends and applies our foreign policy really makes me mad sometimes.

Now that should piss someone off...

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