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September 6, 2018

Hey New York Times: I Am Part of The Resistance OUTSIDE The White House. To You...

I resist your Democrat bias. I resist your taking liberties with the first amendment to push your liberal agenda. I resist your HATE SPEECH. Yes, it's gone that far. I resist your pushing propaganda rather than reporting news. I completely refuse to give any credence to an article you very well could have written yourselves and lie about where this "anonymous" author comes from. I call bullshit. I don't trust you. I haven't trusted you for 30 years. I resist your patronizing ways. I resist your thinking the Times is some sort of stalwart news organization held in high regard by all. Nonsense. It's held in high regard by New Yorkers. That's it. Do I care what you say or think? No. Do I believe any of it? No. I don't trust any liberals. Not Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton, or Schiff. Not Blumenthal, or Levin, or Warren, or Sanders, or Zucker, or Bloomberg, certainly not Dean Baquet or Andrew Lack, not Hayes, or Maddow, Matthews or Berstein, definitely not Jim Acosta or Chris Cuomo, and I could go on in perpetuity. All libs are schemers, and schemers can't be trusted. I don't believe people are bad, or as Adam Schiff called the president, "deeply immoral," which is classless, disgusting and unprofessional just because you say they are; again, I don't believe you, or trust you, or value anything that spews out of an obviously biased and partisan rag like the NYT. You've become like a sewer; I expect for disgusting effluent to come out, so I only make efforts to not smell it and get none on me. You disregard that Mr. Trump is the freely-elected President of the United States while you make every effort to undermine, criticize, and demean him AND the millions of citizens that voted for him. Again, it's because you hold yourself in ridiculously too high a regard. Your arrogance is getting the better of you. What sad times are these. The democrat-driven Robert Mueller special counsel investigation ended attorney-client privilege (if you're a conservative), and the New York Times ended the need to have credible sources in news. If this "anonymous" individual actually turns out to be someone on the White House Staff, I'd be surprised. If it turns out to be a figment of the NYT imagination, or a democrat hit piece, I would not; liberals have yet to see how low they will go to hurt the president.   

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