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September 21, 2018

Democrat Jerry Brown's appeal to the lunatic fringe

Jerry Brown calls for violence against the President

There are crazy people out there. There are crazy people in government. There are people who lack respect, manners, common courtesy, and common sense. Jerry Brown is all that and more. He's a lunatic on a mission, hell-bent to cause bedlam and chaos in this country. As the country moves forward dragging comatose democrats behind with it, Brown makes California swing a u-turn. He speaks in twaddle, making just enough of an inference to violence against the president to possibly motivate the nutcases out there, yet not enough to be saddled with blame if something really happens. He knows the press and other democrats would quickly employ their usual subterfuge, misdirection, and overt propaganda. The problem is it works. The American people go through life like mindless drones, believing anything and everything the liberal media and political scum say. The Deep-State and democrat politicians all toe the same line, speak the same words, and understand if you say it enough times (no matter how false or ridiculous), the people will believe it. Foreign trade was a "bend-over America, here it comes again" operation until Trump called bullshit. The Paris Climate Accord was bad for the country, but sound-bite democrats and the environmental loons know people have limited attention spans and would believe their lies about bad old Donald ruining the planet. Not true. Democrats won't ever mention that Obama's plan for fixing the economy was driving the country into incredible debt while shouting "look at me, look at me!" Then democrats say the economy is bad...right up to the first of August, then Obama goes out and tries to take credit for what the democrats said was so bad only days earlier. Taxes are lower for the middle class. Employment is at an all-time high for everyone in all groups. The stock market is cooking along. Foreign leaders once again respect our President (no matter how much mud the opposition throws on him and embarrasses all of us). The president meets with the leader of North Korea and gets him to drop his nuclear program, so what do Dems do? They say "it was a good meeting for Kim, but a bad one for Trump." Hypocrites. Then there's the whole FISA deal, which we know was democrats rigging the system with the help of their deep-staters, but when Trump calls for transparency (you know, the thing Obama promised but never delivered) and wants the whole thing declassified and shown to the American people, what happens? Democrats and the Deep State plan to defy him to save their own necks. Pathetic. Now you have Jerry Brown, a three-times failed politician, not-so-covertly urging someone, anyone, to "take out" the president. The term "take-out" in this context is clearly a call for violence, not for Chinese food. But alas, nothing will ever happen to him. Democrats and the Deep State control the DoJ, the DoS, the FBI, and the liberal news media. If Trump said the same about Jerry Brown, they would be calling for his head. 

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