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June 8, 2019

Democrats actually DON'T swear to "support, protect and defend the Constitution."
When you hear "support, protect and defend the constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic," do you wonder who they mean by "domestic?" Well, here you go. It's the democrats, the group that subverts, or at least tries to subvert the constitution on a daily basis. They allow antisemitism. They criticize free speech, and constitutional rights. They criticize religion. They attack anyone and anything that opposes their opposition to the constitution. Any they did it again. Illegal aliens are not allowed to vote. They know it. The globalists that control them know it. But they vote for it time and time again. They sit back and watch their push of the Cloward-Piven Strategy. You know, the one where they let masses of illegals enter the country in order to overwhelm the system. Make no mistake, democrats are NOT loyal Americans. If they were, this would never happen. If they were, they would do what they swore to do. Too bad they've been bought and paid for by the likes of Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg.

September 21, 2018

Kirsten Gillibrand Can Officially Shut Up Now

September 14, 2018

I Can't Believe Anyone Would Ever Vote Democrat

It amazes me that Americans actually vote for democrats. I can't understand it. Here are most of my reasons:

  • They hate our electoral system when it doesn't work in their favor: First they threw mud on Trump saying they didn't believe he would honor the results of the election (being sure Hillary would win). Then they lost and claimed Hillary should be president because she won the popular vote. Stop sniveling. Grow-up. Be aware of the example you set. It's that way for a reason and you know it.
  • When they don't get their way, they throw tantrums and decide to do nothing. Apologies for being redundant. They were already doing nothing. They just put a name on it. "Resist." It's when the spoiled brats decided to stay in their own sandbox with the rest of the democrats and do nothing since that big meany doo-doo head was in charge. People around the world then looked at the inhabitants of Dysfunction Junction (Washington DC) and said "look, half of the politicians just said they weren't going to do their jobs," followed by "yep, only in the U.S can you declare you're not going to work and keep that job." It's embarrassing. They're embarrassing. They're the example of what not to do. Sometimes democracy is 51% of the people denying the rights of the other 49%. Yeah, I get it. This isn't it. This is the spoiled rotten, arrogant, pedantic, professional political class not getting their way. During the State of the Union address (seen around the world), democrat leaders stopped other democrats from applauding patriotism, the military, or any other example of American success. It was sad...and disgusting. I won't even go into Maxine Waters. I think the people that vote for her scare me worse than she ever could. Plus, you can't talk to a democrat; the only opinion that matters to them is their own. If you opinion differs, to them, you're an idiot.
  • Democrat politicians think you're stupid: The queen herself, Hillary Clinton, said democrat voters were stupid. Yep, she did, no matter what Snopes or all the other sycophants tell you. And she's right. They are. They prove it every election. You have to be stupid to vote democrat. They convince young people Socialism is like a warm cup of cocoa at a Starbucks while you sit on Facebook, but they do it to make you forget they screwed you by forcing you to fund Obamacare. They scheme against their own voters. Barack Obama poured taxpayer money into the fire and ran up more debt than all the presidents before him combined, yet he will stand there and proudly proclaim he fixed the economy and created jobs. Yep, he did, millions of government jobs funded by citizens. That's not how an economy is fixed. It's how democrats lie and think you're so stupid you believe them. Diane Feinstein thinks the government should take away all our guns. She thinks we're too stupid to own them. Diane Feinstein carried a gun while she was on the city council in San Francisco. So it's okay for her to be armed, but not you. They convince you guns are the reason people kill, so when some teenager with the "thousand yard stare" of the obviously mentally ill shoots up a school, the solution is take everyone's guns away. In keeping with that, pens and pencils will now be taken away when someone misspells a word. Razors will be taken when someone cuts himself shaving. Dems don't heed the advice of Elanor Roosevelt, who said the party should be led by young people. These octogenarians just won't go away. 
  • They are the party of dumb ideas: Remember New York dems working on giving drug addicts safe places to shoot-up drugs? Can't shoot a gun anywhere, but go ahead and shoot-up that heroin. It doesn't matter that the gun is legal and the drugs are not. Wait! Democrats want to take that gun from you too. You can't handle it. How about "Net Neutrality?" Someone called that "Socialism for the internet" (Socialism is a bad thing. We'll get to that in a minute). How about Schumer's internet price controls? Dumb. Obamacare; Hey, when they all voted themselves exempt from it, you should have seen that coming. When Pelosi said "we have to pass it to know what's in it," should have been another clue. Dumb. If it was so good, why do democrats still run on health care? They told us it was the cure for what ails you. Dumb. It was just pulling the wool over the eyes of democrat voters. It's just a scheme to have the young pay for the old that were too lazy to save for their own health care. Plus, if it's such a great thing, why are all the democrats pledging to massively increase Medicare to deal with the health care "crisis? They never run out of someone else's money to spend. Like the $15 dollar minimum wage. Yep, that's working out great. Soon it will be all robots at fast food stores and none of those jobs will exist. Democrats believe that pointing out how different people are will somehow make the rest of us feel like including them. Muslims, LGBTQ, etc. I think pointing out our differences is counter to what we really want. I think the goal is really to point out our similarities. Then we will get along. Stop the "look, I'm different so give me preferential treatment" nonsense. Democrats also need to pick better heroes. Look at who ran for president last time; a corrupt old woman, a socialist, and the Prince of Baltimore. O'Malley screwed-up Baltimore so bad, in traditional democrat "reward cowardice and failure" style, they decided to make him the governor. Then he ran for president! Bad idea. Democrats keep pushing the idea that rich people are bad. People are smart enough to understand the top 1% of people in the U.S. pay 50% of the taxes, and only 50% of Americans pay any taxes at all, so pissing off the 1% is probably a bad idea. Democrat lack of vision pushes them to demonize the 1% and call for more of their money, instead of improving the lives of those that don't pay any, and reigning-in the huge amounts we simply waste. 
  • Democrats are the party of hypocrites. Bernie Sanders talks about socialism from behind the wheel of his $200,000 car. Charles Schumer talks about "regular Americans." After graduating from Harvard then Harvard law, he went immediately into politics. What would he know about a regular American?  Elizabeth Warren claims to be an American Indian. Since she's a democrat, no one in the liberal press calls bullshit on her. Hillary took millions from Saudi, Qatar, and Russia, Podesta had dealings with Russia, but the press only talks about a possible Trump-Russia connection. In 2006, Obama supported a secure border. Ten years later, he mocked republicans that wanted the same. He even said "good luck with that." Obama brow-beat Mitt Romney during the 2012 elections saying "the 1980's want their foreign policy back" after Romney said the Russians were the biggest threat to national security. Now look what the dems are doing about Russia. They tell you that Trump isn't doing anything good for the economy, yet have Barack Obama out trying to take credit for how well the economy is doing. They talk about how Trump shouldn't be talking to Russia, yet Obama is on video telling the Russian foreign minister on the "down-low" that he'd have more flexibility to kowtow to the Russians after the 2012 election. No evidence of collusion has been found by the Special Counsel, but they just won't give it up. All the people on the special counsel are Clinton donors. They determined the secret dossier was paid for by Hillary. They know it's fake. They used it to get a special warrant to spy against Americans. They know it's the fruit of the poison tree, but the government (FBI, DOJ, and the political class) are so corrupt and hypocritical they wouldn't dream of doing the right thing and dropping the case. No, they will use propaganda and false information until they get that they want, hoping the end justifies the means. Democrats could care less about immigrant families. They make an absurd case for open borders because they simply want more democrat voters. ANTIFA. Democrats are the definition of fascists (advocating an authoritarian government characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy) yet Antifa is a bunch of democrats claiming they're anti-fascist, attacking those that are actually anti-fascist. Democrats who claim to be "feminist" support the right to kill a fetus, but not the right to NOT kill a fetus as shown by their support for Roe v Wade, but not the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. Dems hated John McCain until he voted with democrats against the repeal of the Affordable (misnomer) Care Act, then he was their hero and they gave him a presidential send-off. Hypocrites. 
  • Democrat politicians hate America. They never served (I know, some did, yeah, yeah) yet seem to feel the need to apologize for our patriotism, our pride, and our record of success. Don't do that. I didn't need some fascist apologizing for me to countries we helped in wars spilling American blood in the process. Obama never served. Schumer and Clinton and Pelosi and Warren and all those idiots NEVER SERVED. They don't have the right to speak for me. They don't have my permission.  Democrats hate veterans and favor illegal aliens. Twenty-one veterans commit suicide ever day, and do they care? No. If twenty-one illegals did, they would be screaming from the roof tops. Democrats don't want the U.S. to be a sovereign nation. We spend billions each year helping other nations defend their borders, but when it comes to ours, the dems want no part in it. Pelosi thinks it's violating a human right to not let illegals pour over the border. Bullcrap. Democrats argue for safe spaces for college kids where they can pet puppies and color instead of teaching them how to be mature adults. Regular Americans got a tax cut last year, but democrats hate that. Why? Because it wasn't them? Okay, take your tax cut and send it in to cover Obama's wild spending. The president is finally putting some fairness into international trade and dems hate it. Why? Would you rather have a pro-China trade policy? Why? Tell me why! The president finally told NATO to pay their fair share and dems hate it. Why? Do we have to pay all the bills and get nothing in return?
  • Democrats are the party of racism. Bold statement? I think not. Here's why. When you prefer giving welfare handouts to people (who are predominately in the minority) as democrats do, giving them only enough to survive but not enough to get out of poverty, you guarantee their dependence on you in perpetuity, and guarantee their vote. How is that not enslaving an entire group of people? Remember the "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" story? Democrats just want to hand out fishes. Republicans want to give people the skills and set the conditions for people on welfare to get themselves out of it. John Lewis is apparently a "civil rights icon." Well, if lying to citizens by telling them democrats freed the slaves (Lincoln was a republican) and getting beat-up on March 7, 1965 by other democrats makes you an icon, so be it. Ever see a conservative pull the "race card?"  No, you don't. Nor will you. That's reserved for feeble-minded liberals that have no character, integrity, vision, or clue. The president calls the Hispanic gang MS-13 thugs and murderers. Liberals call him racist. They are thugs and murderers. The president calls the NFL protesters "un-American." Democrats, noting that all the sniveling privileged millionaire pro-athletes inappropriately kneeling in disgraceful disrespect against the country, its veterans, law enforcement, and military members are black, call him racist. Sure, let's make it look like all the black men on the field want to infer they have problems breaking the law. Let's further the stereotype that blacks are lawless. It wasn't enough that Eric Holder said it was "our time now," meaning black Americans, and refused to prosecute crimes committed by blacks, thus setting civil rights back 50 years, but hey, "counter-productivity" is something completely unknown to democrats that don't even know what "productivity" means. I say democrats are racist, constantly throwing the race card at things that are obviously not racial. If a minority wakes-up to the nonsense in the democratic party and wants to become a republican, he or she is branded a racist. The president wants a secure border. Dems call him racist. Trump wants to make sure trade is fair; Trump's a racist. Hurricane response to Puerto Rico seems a bit slow; Trump's a racist. President tries to keep 9-11 from happening again, limiting people from known terrorist and anti-American countries from coming here; Trump's a racist. He calls a couple places "shithole countries;" he's a racist. Or not. Ever been there? I have. They are shit holes. Blades on Marine One turn clockwise; Trump's a racist. Is he a racist when he's in a picture with his arm over Al Sharpton's shoulder? Investors Business Daily says "Joe Biden, Dems, and the Race Card; they don't leave home without it." The New York Post said "democrats addiction to the race card is suicidal." USA Today said "The path to Trump 2020 is paved with Democrats racist allegations." The National Review said "Democrats play the race card against DeSantis," and further, "the Left speciously calls a common expression racist." So don't just take my word that dems are the party of racism.
  • Socialism in America is absurd. Any democrat advocating this is an ignorant jackass. It goes against the very idea of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." It goes directly against the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States for those of you who skipped that class). True socialists advocate a completely classless society, where the government controls all means of production and distribution of goods. Socialists believe this control is necessary to eliminate competition among the people and put everyone on a level playing field. Socialism is also characterized by the absence of private property. The idea is that if everyone works, everyone will reap the same benefits and prosper equally. Therefore, everyone receives equal earnings, medical care and other necessities. (from HowStuffWorks). Do you hear this? No private property. To me that means homes, land, boats, cars, businesses, intellectual  property, smart phones, inventions, patents, etc. Bernie Sanders is talking out his ass. You can't have your $200,000 Audi as a socialist, so go feel your own Bern. Jim Carrey needs to shut his face. It's easy for someone in the lap of luxury with no money issues to think of socialism with a "warm and fuzzy." Try going to Venezuela, where the government takes everything you own, makes you stand in line for a stick of butter, and while they live in palaces you're outside eating their lawn. Or Nazi Germany, where the socialist authoritarians decided who mattered and who didn't and crammed the unfortunate onto trains that led to their eventual mass murder. Yeah. Like I said, it is definitely not cocoa at the Starbucks. Socialism is such a bad idea only four countries on the planet are still officially socialist; China, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam, and the last one is in some serious denial about it's push into capitalism. Everybody earns the same? So where's the motivation to better yourself, or become a doctor as opposed to a ditch-digger? My son the doctor can't have a bigger house or a boat because the government says so? Screw that.  Socialism also means uniformity. If the four countries I mentioned are any indication, it's also uniformity in thought, word, and deed. No personal opinions. No non-conformity. No individuality. No dissent or disagreement. No right to free speech or protest. No right to advocate your own opinion or position. Yep. That'll work. Orwellian society. Dems can keep it. Not me. I like my freedoms. After serving for 25 years, I like to express myself. To say what I want. To go and do where and what I want. Besides, try and tell today's teens or twenty-somethings what to do. See what happens. No sir, Socialism is not for me. Democrats are not for me. Thomas Jefferson said: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." If only that was possible. Or legal. I definitely know some tyrants. 

March 7, 2010

Oscars Utter Failure! Actors commit mass suicide!

Well, not really, but after watching all the self-indulgent,hero-worshipping horseshit for the few minutes I could stand, I felt like beating myself to death with the copy of Syriana I somehow have in my DVD collection.

They made it racist. Yep, they asked if the first African American would win a best Oscar of some type, I was paying more attention at that point to cleaning between my toes.

So they're giving awards to a computer-generated movie, eh? What's next...and the Oscar goes to Bugs Bunny? Avatar, for all it's grandeur, is a cartoon. A guy gets a cinematographer award for directing a cartoon? Lovely.

Somewhere, a soldier guarantees those "celebrities," the "beautiful people," their right to be pretentious blowhards. Are any of the actors thanking them? Only the guy that spent a year in Iraq before making The Hurt Locker.

Somewhere, a soldier is facing more fear and danger than any of those people ever will. Somewhere, a soldier is laying his life on the line...for them, and very few appreciate it. Sure, Brad Pitt made a military movie, but has he been to Iraq to see the troops? Tarantino makes a war movie, but has he been over yet? Hey Quentin, how did you get that new chin? You look so much like Jay Leno it's weird.

Keanu Reeves just called war an "alluring narcotic." What the f--k are you talking about? First off there, Neo, what do you know about it? Nothing. Okay Ted, put-up or shut-up. Go over and say thanks to the soldiers that protect you. Didn't bother shaving for the awards, eh? Nice. You looked like crap. Good choice.

Interesting to see the aging progeny of John Hughes. John Cryer and Anthony Michael Hall looked great. Molly Ringwald looked pretty good, but McCauley Culkin needs a bath and it looked like Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy shared some crystal meth before the show. Bender looks like he's been on a...well...bender. Ally looked like a tweaker as she invoked Peter Pan in some off-the-hip tribute to someone she should have thought harder for. Where was Rob Lowe or Andrew McCarthy? Were Robert Downey Junior in his oh-so-stylish blue shades, and Demi Moore (not Di-mee) too good to wander over and stand next to their fellow John Hughes actors? Come on Robert, we remember the jailbird drug addict you used to be.

Let me be the first to say Steve Martin isn't funny. Never was, never will be. If he gets out his freaking banjo I'll go smash my head with the front door against the door jamb until the piercing pain of banjo music goes away.

Oh Lord, I just saw Tim Robbins. Please say it isn't so. If I'm still, maybe he'll go away.

Hey! There's Jeff Lebowski! Jeff Bridges is being honored for Crazy Heart. Wow. He seems so normal. He seems like the one guy in the room you'd like to shoot pool or go fishing with. Others, like George Clooney, Tim Robbins, Ben Stiller and a number of others, you'd just like to kick in the teeth. Who knows, maybe they're great guys in person, but the level of arrogance, entitlement, and self-absorption I perceive from them makes me think they're really tools.

Hey! Jeff Bridges just got the Best Actor Oscar! Wow. To win it instead of Clooney makes me feel even better about it.

Crazy-eyed Forrest Whittaker is finally wearing glasses as he speaks about Sandra Bullock. Good choice. Quit whispering dude, I'm feeling a strange stirring in my loins.

I have a great idea! As the millionaires file out, have them all give half a million to Haiti Relief, and another half mill to the USO. That way the Hollywood hypocrites that did the Haiti relief telethon and those that refuse to go over and thank the troops can do their part, even if, for them, it's like throwing pennies to the peasants. Speilberg manning a stupid was that? Stiller's on-stage rant at the telethon was almost as idiotic as his dressing-up as an avatar to present an Oscar. Almost.

I think Sean Penn had a few cocktails. Uh, uh, uh, aren't actors paid to speak? Hey Spicoli, suits come from Brooks Brothers, not Blues Brothers. Add him to my list of people I want to kick in the teeth. Mr. anger management's next performance will be on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. How did he carry a gun through New Orleans after Katrina and not get in trouble?

Jesse James cleans-up really nicely. I bet it's his wife's influence.

Barbara Streisand just had to say "well, the time has come" for the first woman to win Best director. Guess what...she set feminism back a couple notches by saying that. It's just like saying "you're just as good as a man," which presupposes the issue. If she didn't say that, the playing field would have been among directors, not directors, a black director, and a female director. Stupid Barbara.

Hey, the female director just thanked the troops. Excellent.

Hurt Locker wins Best Picture over Avatar! There really are people there somewhere with some sense. A story about soldiers doing life-and-death work over a cartoon and a stupid George Clooney movie (among others). Excellent. Wow, Ms. Female director just thanked the soldiers again, and also hazmat and emergency workers. I think the influence may be hers. Now that's leveling the playing field.