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September 11, 2018


Here I am looking for a student health plan for my son. Typical young adult, fit, non-smoker, no physical ailments, no medical issues. I apply as if I'm him. I plug in male, 24 years old, living where the school is, and I include he makes about $10k a year with his college job. They reply "Based on the information provided, members of this household don't appear to be eligible for a premium tax credit or other savings on health insurance. But you can use the Health Insurance "Marketplace" to shop for a health plan at full price." Gee, thanks, I can pay full price. So I look at the costs on their "marketplace." Lowest is $312 per month, highest is $716." Gee, thanks Mr. Obama, I only have to shell out thousands a year. Yep, great plan. These premiums are higher than other plans I've seen outside the government. Who's making millions off this fiasco? So I go back, change the $10,000 to $5,000 and guess what happened? "Based on the information provided, members of this household don't appear to be eligible for a premium tax credit or other savings on health insurance. But you can use the Health Insurance Marketplace to shop for a health plan at full price." Gee, thanks again. So I go to the "marketplace" and guess changes to the costs. I go back, put zero in the income amount. Yep, a big, fat $0. Guess what happened; "Based on the information provided, members of this household don't appear to be eligible for a premium tax credit or other savings on health insurance. But you can use the Health Insurance Marketplace to shop for a health plan at full price." Now how does a 24 year-old man, non-smoker, who goes on the website and says he has no income (which might be true of a college student) not qualify for a discount or any sort of benefit other than "go ahead and pay full price?" So I go back, change the info to say I'm a hypothetical 74 year-old man,and make 22,000 per year, and guess what it says; Based on the information you provided, it looks like your household qualifies for a premium tax credit of $953 per monthA premium tax credit is how much you can save on your premium each month. It's not the amount of your premium itself. When you view plans, the premiums will be reduced by this amount. So I go to the "marketplace" and what's the first plan I see? $0 per month but a $7500 deductible. What? No way is that good. I go forward to the first plan with a monthly payment and there it is...$197 per month and a $750 deductible. The plan my son should have, but no. Obamacare is based on putting the cost on the backs of the young. Or on their parents. At one point the "individual mandate" meant people were fined or taxed if they didn't pay their tribute to O-care. The republicans removed that, and what happened? The democrats shit all over them. Obamacare is a scam. It's made everything more expensive and and made insurance companies wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. It's a failure. Want proof? In Florida, the democrat for governor is running on the platform that he'll increase medicare by 750,000. Yep, he wants more of a welfare state than Obama made the country. There's also a Medicare-for-all bill from Sen. Bernie Sanders (thought up as he drove around in his $200,000 car), a Medicare buy-in bill from Sens. Tim Kaine and Michael Bennet, a Medicare buy-in bill from Sen. Brian Schatz, a Medicare "extra" proposal from the Center for American Progress (people strongly allies with all things Clintonian), and a number of other measures aimed at making Medicare the cure-all for the failures of the incredibly misnamed "Affordable Care Act. I heard a statistic on the radio the other day that the government spends $200,000 in overhead for every person enrolled in the program. That's ludicrous. It's waste, fraud, and abuse in epic, monumental, no-word-is-adequate proportions. Democrats don't believe they will ever run out of other people's money. But we had to "pass it to know what was in it"  Moron. Pelosi should jump off a bridge.

September 7, 2018

What if the New York Times is Orchestrating a #Coup?

Just think about it. Take a "Noos" organization that believes in the Saul Alinsky doctrine and the Orwellian utopia. Find a disloyal un-elected civil servant on the White House staff. Or don't. Make the person up. Why not? Who's gonna know? You'll hide behind the Constitution you hate so much anyway. Give that person or persons reward for turning on the president and backing your plan. You know, the plan all the "let me tell you how big a threat the president is to the country" corrupt hypocrite treasonous idiots tell you is "for the people." Yeah, right. Then that "newz" organization publishes a fake news story about how the White House is in turmoil and they're thinking of invoking the 25th Amendment. You know, the same anti-constitution haters using the constitution for their own ends. Well, at least the parts they like. The White House isn't actually in turmoil, but tell gullible Americans and yourselves something enough times and they'll believe it. So will you. Then, in order to counter all the people calling bullshit on you, put out how "respected" of a "neuzz" organization you are . Say "how dare you question us!" You know, that sort of arrogant shit. Disregard the fact that after insulting the president over his assertions that a deep-state exists in government and they are out to get him, YOU JUST PROVED HIM RIGHT! You also proved him right when it comes to the bias and complicity in anti-constitutional activities by the mainstream media. Yep. Congratulations! You just outed yourselves for the seditious tools of liberals you actually are!!! You just proved all of our assertions that the media is Anti-American, anti-Constitution, pro-liberal, and about as crooked as a dog's hind leg. Boom! Knuckleheads! For all your arrogant bloviating about the credibility of the "fourth Estate" and the value of a "free press," you just showed us how you are Bought and Paid-For. There might be a free press somewhere, but it sure as hell isn't around here. Acts of treason and sedition are now supported by the liberal press. Further evidence of this is in the following: Why the New York Times? Why not the Washington Post? Why not the Chicago Tribune? You know Obama's behind some of this so why not? Is it because Woodward and Bernstein are slinging their bullshit while the New Yorker is pushing Bernstein's new book and the Times is hocking Woodward's anti-Trump book on the best seller list? Again, why the New York Times? Trump's hometown newspaper, right? You corrupt, immoral, seditious fools. What do you get for ruining Trump and quite possibly the country? Still snake-bit after the election? Are you of such low character you can't accept the results of the election? Why are you such staunch supporters and such rabid defenders of Hillary Clinton?  Afraid she'll "suicide" you? I say one of your goals is the continued deflection of the spotlight off your liberal allies (who have something over you or promise you some reward I will never figure out). Obama interfered with the German elections, but you bury that along with John Podesta's dealings with the Russians. The deep-state democrats and the news media supported an illegal dossier leading to an illegal FISA warrant and fruit-of-the-poison-tree prosecutions of Paul Manafort and others for things they did that had absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump, then somehow managed to get that stink on the president. They know it's wrong. They know guilt by association is bad, but they let it happen. Then the democrat-led corrupt special counsel (supported by the corrupt media) does their dirty work on Trump's attorney, effectively ending attorney-client privilege, and the media keeps their mouths shut. If it was happening to a democrat, they would be screaming from the rooftops, but ironically, the ACLU ignored that one. The media was all over David Petraeus and supported his prosecution for three confidential emails found in a locked desk drawer, but thousands of secret and top-secret emails on a server in Hillary Clinton's bathroom and the media down-plays it and calls it a republican witch hunt. Corruption and graft. Someone was getting rewarded for their support. You know it. I know it. An army private doing such things would have gone straight to jail. The media ignores how democrats promise to rapidly expand medicare after the next election. What happened to Obamacare? Wasn't that the democrats great solution to all our problems? Wasn't it so vital we had to "vote it in so we could figure out what's in it" according to Nancy "I love illegals more than Americans" Pelosi? Isn't that why they suddenly loved John McCain? Where's the news on this one? Making sure they never cast any dirt on Barack Obama, that's where. I think the New York Times is complicit and actively engaged in a Coup against the President of the United States. Back in July, the publisher met with the President and later said  "I told the president directly that I thought that his language was not just divisive but increasingly dangerous. I warned that this inflammatory language is contributing to a rise in threats against journalists and will lead to violence." Maybe this is their further response?  He apparently never acknowledged the perpetual media  animus directed at the president and how that could lead to violence against Mr. Trump. He probably could care less. In Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, he states "Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage." The New York Times is using either an anonymous contact inside the White House or a fictitious contact they claim to be in the White House to continue their incessant ridicule of the duly elected president of the United States. It's a means to an end desired by the NYT. They want to orchestrate the successful removal of our sitting president through misinformation, propaganda, coercion, and trickery. Problem is, even though it's obvious to me, the news media will deny it...until they finish it. Along the way they will ruin every conservative politician who ever said a good word about Trump, and the drones that vote democrat will ensure the ruination of this country. Yep, I said it. Now watch it happen. This country is a car speeding toward a brick wall. A car not driven by Trump, but by the liberals and their lap-dog media.

March 21, 2012

Dental tourism? Como.

I just saw an Internet for "dental tourism," where you travel to Guatemala to visit an American-trained dentist and pay one-tenth of the price for treatment because the insurance overhead is cut out. $38 for a cleaning. $38!!! Wow. While perplexed, stunned and amazed, I'm also intrigued. What's next? If they come up with proctological tourism, count me out.

March 11, 2010

Mexican becomes richest man in world. Subsequently erects border fence!

In a bizarre twist on isolationism, Mexican Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world (including the King of Bahrain and his solid silver car and 224-room house) threw up a border fence to keep more Americans from emigrating to his country. When asked for comment, he said "those damned gringos are becoming a strain on my country. There's no money here, why do they keep coming?" When asked if his riches would slow the flight of his countrymen to the "Great Satan" United States, he revealed his border fence will be like a raccoon can go through one way, but not come back out. Pressed for a reason why he would favor a fence that Mexicans can go through but not come back, he said "I have a G-5, what do I care? Besides, they'll get free health care there, so more money for me!"

Meanwhile, at his smallish 150 million-dollar home in Seattle, Bill Gates commented that Slim wouldn't be the richest man in the world if he indeed had to manufacture a product, saying "if I could just get those darned Malaysian kids to stop sleeping so much, we could get more work done. Two hours is good enough for any eight year-old."

Not to be outdone, after feeling a bit insecure, Warren Buffet sent an order to Boeing for a new 747 to add to his collection of private aircraft. His new mantra is apparently "my bizjet is bigger than his bizjet."

February 26, 2010

Obamacare Ponzi Scheme makes Madoff Blush. How to really do it.

The "health care summit" looked to me like a bunch of frogs trying to fornicate a football. Down the rabbit hole they're in, no one has the presence of mind to realize what they're trying to do.

Democrats talk of "premium discrimination" and elimination of pre-existing conditions. Non-starter. If you treat a healthy, athletic 21 year-old kid the same as a 55 year old man with diabetes and three prior heart attacks, the system will be unsustainable.

By treating all people alike and disregarding pre-existing conditions, you eliminate the risk rating that lies at the heart of all insurance, and you tell people that for every dollar they put in, they're guaranteed to receive multiples of that dollar in benefits, thus the ponzi scheme.

Here's the fix:
-assign each person risk based on their health. This would require a preventive maintenance health checkup. At that time, you establish a preventative program. Hey, and ounce of prevention, right?
-place high-risk people in a high-risk pool in order to spread the risk among a mass group, thus lowering the premium for all in the group. The lower the risk, the lower the cost. THAT'S FAIR.
-Require the high-risk group to practice preventative measures like exercise, weight loss, etc. They give some effort toward the program that covers them. THAT'S FAIR.
-Reduce or eliminate the waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid. Use the recovered money to pay for those unable to pay for their insurance. It's still taking money from Peter to pay for Paul, but much more palatable because of the trade off. Funny how we never expect the government to run a program free of waste, fraud, and abuse.
-establish a baseline medical benefit used as a COBRA for people on unemployment.
-require welfare recipients and those who simply refuse to work to perform some sort of labor for their medical benefit. Consider it community service.
-If a state establishes a better system, allow them to opt-out of the federal system.
-make insurance portability a law.
-eliminate medical conditions discovered at birth being considered pre-existing.
-establish a grace period for people to try and get into a lower risk group. For example, if someone is diabetic because of their weight, allow them time to drop weight. If they don't do it, then they go into the higher group. Put the responsibility on the citizen. THAT'S FAIR.
-Lay off union health care plans. If a union member pays for something, they should get it. If the unions can negotiate better plans than the government, don't penalize them. (Unbelievable I said that since I don't like unions)
-extend scholarships to more medical students and put them to work in the system after graduation. Same for nurses. The whole system will fail if they're aren't enough medical professionals.
-tort reform
-take the insurance company lobbyists out of DC and throw them in the Potomac.

The other option to these ideas is ask Bernie Madoff how to do it. You know what he'll say...