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February 21, 2006

Haiti election chief flees country

His neighbors said even the expression "Feet don't fail me now!" sounded faggy in French, and smelled of goat cheese...

So the election chief, in fear for his life, while being called everything from a professional to a megalomaniac, flees for his life, "gettin while the gettin was good" and more than likely going to Miami. Well where else would a non-English speaking unemployed immigrant go? Now he can claim to be a refugee and start getting social security checks, courtesy of Bill Clinton.

Want to know something even more sad? The United Nations actually had the guts to publicly approve the new Haitian government. I guess nobody at the UN told anyone else at the UN their opinion and their organization mean the same thing...absolutely jack shit.

The news also reports Preval faces some of the same problems he faced before? Well no shit Sherlock! I wonder which brain surgeon at the AP thought that one up while taking a crap over lunch? Ya think? Do you want to know why he's facing some of the same challenges? Because HE CREATED THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU MORONS!

Did you hear that?

I think it was more important that Wyclef voted. Hey, if he took the time away from waxing his million-dollar McClaren F1 to go vote, every Haitian should kiss his ass. Funny how he still thinks he's one of them. They live in a sewer and steal clothing from each other, or chop down every last tree to make charcoal to cook the food they don't have, while he has a million dollar car and lives in a mansion. Yep, he's just like them.

Sorry to say, but Haiti (which is another successful French colony), is doomed. What was once the richest country in the Western Hemisphere, has both feet in its grave. It's too far gone to save, but no one will admit it. Well, I just did, but my opinion doesn't mean anything...

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