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February 23, 2006

Hedrick calls Davis "a little bitch" as the Olympic soap opera continues

In a startling revelation, Olympic skating fans find out the Davis/Hedrick confrontation started back in the states after the couple couldn't reach an agreement on the color to paint the dining room back in their South Beach apartment. After disagreement led to one of them uttering "well, you sleep on the couch tonight," pretty-boy Chad called the younger and obviously more effeminate Shani (girl's name) a "little bitch." Insiders say tensions are high as Hedrick decided to room in Torino with Joey Cheek, sparking a "lover's triangle" where the term "turning the other cheek" took on an all-new meaning.

The trouble between the two ice queens gained intensity Tuesday as Shani complained Chad was spending too much time looking at the other speed-skating competitors, a sport where grown men spend inordinate amounts of time bent-over while wearing tights. Word has it that the two were so busy with their little domestic feud they forgot there were actually other people in the race, causing both of them to lose to the Italian skater. The fact Shani uttered the phrase "you go girl" as the two were passed by the Italian just seemed to be the straw that broke the back of the already "flaming" situation.

Actually, the two kids are probably good guys who are still a bit immature and don't understand what impression they give to an international audience. Yes, they also demonstrated the poor sportsmanship evident in so many Americans. Unfortunately, they didn't understand the news media concentrated every effort on a pathetic attempt to stir racial emotions in order to draw viewers to the Olympics, and Davis' own racist comments were the act of a child. The media then concentrated so much on the two Americans, it was hysterical when the Italian won!

Anyway, I'm glad irony stepped in and made everybody look like fools. I'm glad the Americans lost. Neither of them deserved to win.

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