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February 25, 2006

China's media censorship rattling world image

World image? Do you really think censorship in China is "rattling" China's world image?

I have a news flash for everyone who needs a dose of reality...nobody cares, not even China.

As long as people can buy their lingerie, Dockers, sneakers, housewares and other worthless shit at a rock-bottom price, they don't care. As long as China can destroy us economically, they don't care either. They sell it, we buy it, and no one gives a damn that to speak out is to get put in jail. No one cares that little kids ate slaving away so you can have your precious Nike's while they miss out on an education. No one cares that they kill and eat endangered species and every other thing on the face of the earth with impunity, and if your favorite little bear or shark goes extinct, they say "so what?" They believe everything and everyone on earth was put here for their use, including their own citizens. You don't like it? Buy a Budweiser beer huggie made somewhere else. Guess can't!

Read through any kind of catalog and notice how about 75% of all the crap sold in it comes from China. Walmart is a monument to Chinese manufacturing. In fact, it was created to put middle America as close as possible to cheap Chinese shit. Don't listen to all the knuckleheads that say it's good for the U.S. to keep buying stuff from China and get our heads kicked-in economically ...they're stupid, and get paid to say ridiculous things like that. If you look at America as a family, it's never, ever good to spend all your money but claim "well, at least we got a good deal on all the stuff we didn't have the money to buy."

So now we're supposed to care about oppression and governmental control in China? As long as we blow every last dollar on Chinese goods, China will lock up every last protestor and blow sunshine up your ass that they're a democracy. Do you think they could even fathom a labor union? Why do you think all our stuff comes from China in the first place? I might be concerned about Chinese repression, but if it makes those jumper cables or beach balls at K-Mart any more expensive, I'll have to reconsider. Go one day without the little Chinese-made Evergreen tree car air freshener or the Ronco Rotissierie? Perish the thought. I even have an American flag made in China!!!

Fat chick lingerie at the lowest possible price. Yep, that's what we need...

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