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February 23, 2006

Finger-Pointing Follows Americans' Loss

The U.S. Men's Hockey team losing makes me think so many things, like:

-Why do all those NHL players work for teams in the States, and then go play for teams from other countries? Wait. I know that one. Because there is no loyalty to their team or the country where they actually live. That was plain to see when they all went on strike.

-Whatever happened to "amateur" athletes in the Olympics? I don't like watching professionals play in the Olympic games. Besides, where's the stacked hundred-million-dollar "dream team" like we get for basketball?

-Are any of those players supposed to be playing organized hockey that isn't governed by their "labor" union? Doesn't violating their contract invalidate the player's association?

-If American network TV doesn't care about the National Hockey League, why do they think Americans would give a damn about Olympic hockey? After all, we're a long way down the road from the 1980 team.

-If American hockey players don't give a shit about American hockey fans, why do they think we'd give a shit about the Olympic hockey team? After the strike, I decided to never watch hockey again, but you know what was great? The US Women's team! They skated their hearts out and it was great to watch them. Besides, the two King girls kicked a good amount of the other team's asses. From the looks of it, their teamwork was such that they probably would have beaten the men's team.

-Why was the men's team so disorganized. I'd imagine a group of frogs trying to get "freaky" with a football would be more organized. They call it a "power play" because there's actually a coordinated play involved, not just everybody hacking at the puck. Hey fellas, only in the world of artillery are you rewarded for "indirect fire." Remember, a team is a group of people all helping each other reach a common goal, not a bunch of individuals doing their own thing while in relative proximity to one another.

-My last question is why do I care, and the answer is easy...I don't. In fact, with all the finger pointing going on, I have a finger to point also...the middle finger.

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