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February 22, 2006

Calif. Execution Postponed Indefinitely...Bullshit flag!!!!!

Man, this is way wrong...

How do stinking lawyers know if an execution process "causes pain?"

Why are they arguing for the Eighth Amendment rights of a man who killed a girl with a claw hammer and stabbed her over 25 times? Where were her rights?

Two anesthesiologists backed out because of ethical concerns that they might have to advise the executioner if the inmate woke up or appeared to suffer pain. I say wake his ass up and make sure he suffers some pain. The attorneys said a prisoner could feel excruciating pain from the last two chemicals if he were not fully sedated. Again, who gives a shit if the condemned feels pain? He admitted his crime, and shouldn't be "put to sleep" like an innocent little puppy.

One of Morales' attorneys, Ben Weston, said the decision "goes a long way toward demonstrating the state doesn't have its ducks in a row for humanely killing a human being. They haven't figured out how to do it." Humanely killing a human being? Humanely killing some shithead that murdered someone with a knife and a claw hammer, and the despicable lawyers are worried
about humane execution? Tell you what...I'll administer the injections, as long as the lawyers get theirs too!

Morales was condemned in 1983 for killing 17-year-old Terri Winchell, who was attacked with a hammer, stabbed and left to die half-naked in a vineyard. Nice...this is the asshole they feel bad for. Leave it to California liberals to misplace their sympathies.

Tell you what. Maybe the lawyers or the busy-body judge, or the activist bleeding-hearted doctors should introduce Morales to their daughters? Hey, they're worried about his needs, right? They want him to be comfy, so how about some conjugal visits by their own daughters? Morales is a nice guy, come'on...he only stabbed his victim over 25 times. They'll be okay. He has the right to some booty! Get off your asses you sniveling liberals and make it happen! Tell the girls to bring their own claw hammers just in case he needs to get out some rage.

The victim's mother, who has been denied the presence of her daughter since 1983, and who had to endure a horrific experience in the brutal destruction of her child, said "I'm totally disillusioned with the justice system. We've been waiting 25 years with the expectancy that he is gonna pay for his crimes," she said. "It feels like we just got punched in the stomach." Again, California liberals are more concerned with the rights and comfort of killers than they are the victims and their families.

I would say the justice for Terri Winchell and her family, as well as for the tax payers, and even for the killer for having to wait so long to be executed is cruel and unusual.

Maybe we should go back to hanging, and maybe it shouldn't take 23 years to do it.

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