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February 21, 2006

Bombed Church Gets Landmark Designation

Yep, in these days of religious and racial division and hatred, making landmarks to our problems is exactly what we need.

Yep, I say we should put all the rubble back at ground zero, rebuild the Oklahoma City Federal building so it would look exactly as it did after it was bombed, put some lynching victims in the wax museum, build a re-enactment of the killing of Dr. Martin Luther King so we can all see it (over a beer or two), and build a Watt"s riots amusement park.

Maybe everything should be a monument? Washington D.C. can be a monument to corruption, greed, political correctness and stupidity; 7-11 can be a monument to Freedom of Choice; Chuck-e-Cheese can be a monument to Freedom of Expression; Karaoke Friday at Clancy's Bar and Grill can be a monument to the freedom of speech (and to sing poorly) as well as a celebration of the twenty-first Amendment (it's not just a holiday for the Kennedys anymore).

Why are we proud of places that remind us of our hatred and animosity for each other. It's morbid and not constructive, like watching those old "faces of death" movies. I want those places erased from memory.

Here's my cure for race relations...everybody GET OVER IT! ARRRRGHHHHH. Enough already! How long are we going to piss and moan and say every time we bring up the subject we're bringing some "healing." That's PC bullshit.

Bullshit Flag! Watch it wave...

Race relations is like a scab. It won't heal unless you stop picking at it. So stop it.

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