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February 25, 2006

Bush Admin. Won't Reconsider Ports Deal

You know, no one is asking the most obvious question: What would our country gain from having a foreign company operate our ports in the first place? What do we stand to lose? Why is this such an issue if we never even secured the borders or changed the immigration laws to keep out the 40 year-old "students?"

Maybe we should wonder how we went from Americans running American ports to foreigners running them? Remember, these people from Dubai aren't the first people to do it.

Do we not have the skill? Do we create bureaucracies that hinder our ability to run our ports? Do the labor unions have too much of a strangle-hold on port operators and to get away from that we went to foreign operators? Who thought this was a good idea years ago? Are our screwed-up admiralty laws so broad they affected the port operators? After all, try finding an American-flagged ship nowadays.

Are environmental requirements at the ports different for American or foreign operators? Do the foreign companies just have that much more money than American port operators? Were past Senators and Congressmen wined and dined and given money to make that happen? Who lobbied whom? What was it? How did this situation start?

On the other hand, denying the help or refusing to pay a country that has shown loyalty to us may be a win for our enemies.

I smell a rat. I bet if someone dug deeper, they'd find that corruption, greed, and ignorance led us into this situation, and it was somebody in government that did it. That would start a crap-storm I would love to see.

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