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February 25, 2006

"Brokeback" rides into popular culture...on the saddlehorn

This news article is typical bullshit.

"Paul Levinson, professor of communication and media studies at Fordham University, said there was already a growing interest in gay relationships in mainstream heterosexual culture. " I say bullshit. There's a "growing interest in gay relationships?" By who? All those people who wish they were Liberace? I think you mistake the youth culture's fascination with androgeny for something it's not. Nice try Paul, but I don't think so. I see more pro-gay propaganda, nothing else, but nice try there, sweet pea.

I do agree with his statement "'Brokeback' came along at the right time. It was a popular culture success waiting to happen." That's true. There was far too little humor at the expense of gays, and this movie got that going again. Of course, the gay spin on it is it's "pop culture." Right. It's about as pop culture as a dog terd is a tootsie roll (the real tootsie roll, not the gay slang version).
Besides, how could there not be a growing interest in gay relationships? Every day, gays are pushing their lifestyle in your face and Ellen Degeneres has another girlfriend she's dragging around?

Of course, how could this misguided movie not be a success? An obviously liberal Hollywood that loves to push the envelope of political correctness is making sure this movie is a success, even though it's not one at the actual box office. They force the issue of homosexuality on a population that demonstrates they don't want to hear it, then spout nonsense about how the American mainstream is so ready for it and how everyone is so overjoyed at the success of the movie. I say bullshit. I don't buy it. It's like going back for another colonoscopy because you enjoyed the first one so much.

They further try to link the macho image of a cowboy with homosexuality, which is again a nice try, but as disingenuous as all their other motives for this movie. People that herd sheep are shepherds. People who tend cattle are cowboys. Was the Marlboro man shearing a sheep in his spare time? I don't think so. Plus, try linking gays with tough guys like construction workers and all you'll think of is the Village People. Think of Indians and what happens? Village People.

So the actors are "amazed" at the buzz over the movie? Guess's manufactured, fake buzz. Hollywood could never live with itself if it couldn't say it didn't help the gay cause.

Then you have a pro-gay reporter in Los Angeles write a piece of crap article like this, and we're all supposed to hug-up on each other and sing Kumbaya. Sorry, I'm not feeling it.

Contrary to what Hollywood and the gay activists are saying, people are just not that concerned. They have more important things to think about than how homosexuals are portrayed in the movies, and everyone can see how the gay activists are pushing this movie along. No way they would ever let a movie like this stand on it's own. It's obvious it was earmarked for an Oscar before it was even made. Why don't the actors realize they're the stooges that they are? They're part of the bullshit political correctness.

Of course, no one was watching out for gay stereotypes, and without fail, every time you link Hollywood and gays, someone mentions the Wizard of Oz.



  1. who's the sweet pea?April 2, 2006 at 2:55 PM

    i didn't see the article, but i came across this post and have to say -your brain really is clogged, bub - and your homophobia is showing. what are so scared of? that you'll be outed? and you know what else? you don't have to be black to write about black people. nor do you have to be gay to make an observation about the interest in gay culture. wake the f*ck up.

    oh and by the way - it won the oscar it won because it deserved it. unlike crash which should have been titled 'crap'.

  2. Yep it's clogged, and you missed the point. Look in other places on the blog and you'll see my support for all the groups pissing and moaning about their perceived unfair treatment to go ahead and shut the hell up. People should at least make an attempt to live without infringing on the rights of others, and guess what, Mr. Liberal...straight people have rights too. Surprise! I know it comes as quite a shock to hear that. I would contend gay people could live perfectly well without spending all their time telling everyone how tough it is to be gay...made all the harder by incessantly pushing their agenda on people who don't me. I would say that the very vocal gays do a disservice to the rest that just want to live peacefully. If you want to be gay, then be gay, but stop telling me your plight. I used to live on South Beach and saw everyone getting along because people didn't make such a federal case about it. When I heard the Brokeback movie was coming out, I made the prediction it would go to the Oscars even if it sucked. That was also my point, and it happened. I've been too busy in the Middle East for the last 11 months to see any new movies, I didn't see Crash either, but I'm glad you got to go. Nothing makes you wake the "f*ck up" like a roadside bomb. Do you kiss your boyfriend with that mouth? Oh, and the Oscars is something else I could care less about.
    Well, Bub, in keeping with your logic, I don't have to be gay to write about gay people. Plus, I've been a lesbian for years!