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March 9, 2006

Men's Rights Group Eyes Child Support Stay

Okay, look at this Putz...

I have news for him. News he may not want to hear...

Sorry dude, but you banged with it.

This is some real after-the-fact bullshit. So what women have more choices when their pregnant. In case anyone forgot, they're the ones that do that. I know our country hates gender roles, but life's a bitch...literally for this guy. And so what men have no choices after the girl gets pregnant.

Here's a revelation for all the guys that can't keep it in their pants...if you play with a loaded gun, don't be surprised if it goes off. (hey, some double entendre') Literally, if you can't put a rubber on, maybe you're too stupid to be allowed to breed in the first place, but if you believe anything a American woman tells you, then you're proving you're an idiot.

Now don't go thinking I'm some liberal, bite your tongue. In fact, pierce your tongue because the way you're going to get bent over by the court system, you may as well learn to be gay. I got raked over the coals during my divorce by a corrupt and sexist court system, but I learned to live with it. Do you know why? Because it's my son, no matter who he lives with. Of course, I wanted him to being with, but she doesn't even deserve custody of him, the stupid slut that she is.

So go ahead and try your frivolous lawsuit. Sure men get no choice, but you have one in the beginning. Next time take it...and bang her with someone else's Johnson.

Oh silly man, thinking anyone cares...

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