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March 9, 2006

Armed man takes pupils hostage in French school...and the French Army Surrenders

Oh, so it's only in our country where nutcases come to school with guns? I don't think so.

Maybe he wants answers to questions he's been asking himself for years, like"

-Why does my entire body smell like goat cheese?
-Who told the women to stop shaving under their arms?
-Why does the French Army fold up faster than a Swiss Army knife?
-Why does the sound of bullets make French Army troops put their arms in the air?
-Does Jacques Chirac ever smile? Can he smile?
-Why do they call them "French" whores?
-When will Jean-Luc Picard run for President?
-Where are the French Maids I saw in the Fredericks of Hollywood catalog?
-Why can't I stop fat people from French kissing?
-Who decided to eat the snails in the first place?
-Who called it a "French" tickler?
-I like those American Fries, but you can keep the French toast.
-What makes French roasting different from other kinds of roasting?
-Why do people think we hate them when we really just hate ourselves?
-Why can't we just take places over the right way, instead of the way we did in Vietnam, Haiti, Sierra Leone, French Guyana, Canada, etc.
-Why did they call it Legionnairs Disease if there weren't any Legionairres there?
-Why is a beret right for any occasion?
-Why do people think all mimes are French? I hate mimes?

Yep, this dude probably has a lot on his mind...

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