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March 8, 2006

At least the ghouls are well paid

Panhandle woman sues over possible contaminated tissue transplant. As well she should.

Usually I can think about the depths of human greed, of how low we can go, and fail to be surprised. This story really makes me squirm, and I don't know why. I'm actually surprised.

Grave robbing and stealing bodies in order to cut them up and sell the parts? That's wrong on so many levels I'm just flabbergasted. Yuck. To think there are people so low they would desecrate human bodies for profit just disturbs me.

What's next? Eating the bodies? Stuffing them so you can use them like the "safety guy" you put in the passenger seat next to you? Hey, why have a fake dummy when you can have Uncle Larry? Maybe selling the parts on eBay? Okay, then I'd like a new large intestine. After ten months in the desert, it's been acting kind of funny. Do you offer any warranty? Can I put a colon on a credit card?

As for the body not being screened for HIV, I think once the human body drops four or five degrees after death the HIV virus dies. I hope so.

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