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March 11, 2006

Thoughts for today...

...Why do they call them think "tanks?" What kind of tank are they talking about? The armored tank that has firepower and can charge the enemy and use decisive tactics and engagement to destroy, or a tank like a septic or fish tank where ooze collects, combines, and coagulates with other forms of ooze...

When was it determined that the breast was a focal point and an object of desire for women? What if it was something like their foreheads? Would we still celebrate the size of their forehead? Would they augment their foreheads? Would they cover them if they were modest and expose them if they weren't? Would we disregard the "hooters, bozo's, snoobs, rack, melons, jugs, taa-taa's, cans, etc?

Is all Mexican food the mixed together, tasteless, "let's smother it in hot peppers and cheese" kind of retch that I see? If you have to add hot peppers, cheese, or sour cream to it to taste it, then why eat it? Do you mix all your food together?

What if Ronald McDonald's first name was Al?

Why do some women wear more under their clothes than they do to the beach, but get all freaked out if you see them in their underwear? Hey girls, I have news...if you don't want a guy to see what your equipment looks like in your underwear, a bikini does the same thing. Do women make a conscious decision when it's acceptable for other men to see them in their underwear? If someone sees your wife or sister in a bathing suit, they can see her crotch just like they could if she was in her underwear... Oops!

So the American was the only hostage to get killed out of those Christian missionaries in Iraq. I'm not surprised, it's no big shock, and I actually expected that. They didn't kill him first because he was a Christian missionary in a Muslim country. They did it because he was the American.

So who made everyone hate Americans so much? Politicians...not any of us. Stereotypes like fat booze-hound rich white guys making deals and swaggering around like they're royalty in our country.

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