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March 9, 2006

Madonna getting her just desserts

So her daughter is asking her tough questions and is obsessed with gays? This is what normal people call her past "coming to bite her on the ass."

All those years of being a freak are tough to hide, and now that her kids need a role model, they find mommy a bit lacking, not to mention conflicted and ambiguous.

Lourdes asks why she kissed Britney Spears, and she gives her the bullshit "I'm the mommy pop-star" line? No Madonna, you're the egotistical and stereotypical singer seeing the end of her career and trying to hold onto your youth as your career starts to flag. Truth live with it. By the way, how are those dark roots doing today?

Kids know bullshit when they see it, so saying she's "passing her energy" is just an insult to her own kid, who is obviously smarter than her mother realizes, and probably smarter than her mother. Once you "pass your energy," your energy should be gone, so why keep trying to be a pop star? It's like passing the baton...once you pass it, you don't have it anymore. Pretending you do just makes you look silly and pathetic.

Did Madonna ever hear of the term "putting two and two together?" Her daughter sees her published in "Out" magazine, a magazine of the gay community, and hears she is an "icon" of the same group of people. Then she sees her mother kiss another woman in front of an audience (a move a person who is "out" would do), and naturally puts two and two together. Then she's feuding with Elton John, someone who is openly gay and marries a man. How long will Madonna think her daughter is stupid?

Whatever happens, Madonna can rest assured she failed as a role model. Her nine-year old being obsessed with gays? Who put that in her head?

Dear Madonna,
Congratulations Dipshit....instead of your daughter playing with her friends, riding her bike, and being a kid, she's worried about sex-roles before the age of 10. Stop dragging her to all your adult functions like she's a handbag. She's not some accessory you need to show your friends. You're not a 47-year old "Diva," you're a 47 year-old parent. Start acting like one. Life is not all about you.

What are you getting her for Christmas? A bustier'?

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