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March 8, 2006

Today's Darwin award winners

I know, any death of a kid is tragic, but you have to wonder a couple things:

-What were they doing playing ball in the bedroom?
-Why was there a sword on the wall in a kids room that wasn't fixed in such a way so it wouldn't come down or get knocked off the wall by something? What's next? A dart board and some throwing knives for the 9-year old?
- If one slash from a sword falling off a wall was enough to kill, then does that mean on top of everything else, the sword was sharpened?

I need to say "what the f---k is wrong with you people?" Let me start the chain saw before I put it on the shelf. No need to label the battery acid you put in that water bottle. When hammering, make sure you put your hand as close to the nail as possible. Forget those rear view mirrors... they're for sissies! That dog's not going to attack, no matter how mad he looks or those tooth-looking things I think he's showing you. Disregard the growling, he's just clearing his throat.
Those exhaust fumes don't bother me. Don't you think that smoke alarm is a bit loud? Put your hand in that barracuda's mouth so we can see what happens. Don't worry, hornets love to play. That snake doesn't look poisonous to me.

I personally have never seen a sword someone put on the wall being a sharpened sword...not even a Samurai sword. If you have a sharpened sword, it's no longer a's a weapon. To have it on a rack where it can fall off is like loading a gun and tossing it to the 9-year old.

Don't call it an accident. The parents were either negligent, or this is a bullshit excuse for how it actually happened. It does have a "my dog ate it" feel to it. A slash from a slow moving sword with no power behind it. I smell a rat.

I don't think there are any future brain surgeons in this family. In fact, it seems as if Darwin stepped in and used their own ignorance to cull the herd. Ironic. It shows that the phrase "accident waiting to happen" is no joke. Neither is a kid getting killed because of stupidity.

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