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March 8, 2006

Thoughts for Wednesday the 7th.

-We put terrorists in Guantanamo, kill them in Iraq and Afghanistan and hunt for them all over. They fly into the World Trade Center, crash into the Pentagon, fight us in the Middle East, and swear to kill all of us...but the spokesman for the Taliban is a student at Yale.

Yale is the same school where GW Bush and John Kerry went to school... Hmm.

They say we have 12 million illegal aliens in our country. How do they know?

Why do Taliban spokesmen get to go to Yale and illegal aliens get free college tuition? I think someone is screwing-up.

An Iranian student plows his SUV into a group of students to avenge the way the US has been treating Muslims. What about after the Pakistan Earthquake? What about the Muslims in Africa? What about our support for Egypt? What about all the free Muslims in our country? I guess we didn't learn our lesson about Middle Eastern "students" after 9-11. No big surprise how freaking stupid we are. I bet political correctness is to blame for that one.

If you call the spot where a nuclear bomb explodes "ground-zero," why are we using the same phrase to identify the spot where the World Trade Center used to be?

If you start catching fish, are you still "fishing?" If the game "go fish" involves blindly searching for a card, and a plumber blindly "fishes" something out of the drain, if I cast my line to a fish I actually see, am I "fishing?"

How can you work consecutive 15-hour days, exercise, eat fairly well, take it easy on caffeine after 12 noon and still have problems sleeping?

If a spaceship landed and a being got out, would it be an illegal alien, a plain old alien, or a trespasser?

Same spaceship lands and a being gets out. The being has the sexual organs of both men and women, and is in incredible shape by American standards...what do you do (besides being strangely fascinated)?

Same spaceship lands and Alec Baldwin gets out. What do you do?
Answer: Remember to put the fire out and stomp on the little pieces. I have the big ones.

Why do congressmen from Arizona need to "tour the border." It's been there all along and you've done absolutely jack shit about it so far, so what gives?

Why do they use the word "bob" to describe something floating and..well...bobbing up and down? Why do we call people name Robert "Bob?" Why bob? Why not some other word? Maybe Frank? Also, aren't the girls the ones that are supposed to "bob" up and down? Can't we tell something about a girl (or a guy for that matter), if we see them "bobbing?" I guess people named Richard are safe though, because the terms "dick" and "dicking" are too specific.

What does it mean when you have a dream you're a lobster driving a 1970 Eldorado convertible down the street and it starts to rain melted butter. Sitting next to you is Hunter Thompson, and in the back seat is a guy in a lobster costume that Thompson keeps yelling at for being a "poser," saying if he was going to be a lobster, he should be a real lobster?

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