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March 7, 2006

Exposure to gays leaves woman emotionally scarred


My first reaction is OMG! The one after that is hard to describe in writing but it comes with spitting on the floor while making the sound "oi."

I have news for this woman...they didn't go out to the bar, have someone slip them a "Mickey," and it made them decide to go home and slip each other the Dickey(it rhymes). If so, that was some of the best X ever!

So you have to ask yourself:

1. Was it that damned Brokeback Mountain that finally "outted" them?
2. How long has this been going on? Since before or after the movie premier?
3. What is it about you that makes your husband find your brother's ass preferable to your own?
4. Are you a frigid, nagging, stereotypical American woman? Are you capable of love? How are you between the sheets? Was it a position you refuse to do? Do you keep yourself in shape and the bikini-line "policed-up?"
5. Do you really want to be married to a fag?
6. How come you didn't jump in? Now that would be a psychiatrists wet dream!
7. Did you feel like gouging your eyes out when you saw that?
8. Have you ever heard your brother or husband use the term "fabulous?"
9. Why didn't your husband's sudden career change from electrician to interior decorator not ring any alarms?
10. How does he defend what he did? What's the real explanation? A magic pill...yeah, right.

Okay honey, here's some advice; it's not a man-bag!

Now it's time to get even. Go out and find the most smoking-hot woman you can find and let him catch you in the act.

Wait! That would probably just turn him back to being hetero...

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