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February 21, 2010

Skeleton girl has a magic helmet!

I don't think they were looking at the right thing. Her helmet gave her an advantage? Hey, we protest her helmet! Please.

What I saw was a woman in a skin tight outfit, laying face down and buns-up on a sled with her arms at her side making it look like her butt was sticking-up even higher. I didn't look at the helmet. Brainclogger being the red-blooded heterosexual he is was looking at her ass. To think she has a British accent and might go have a stout and some bangers and mash after the race makes it all that much better.

Actually, I'll stick with Mrs. Brainclogger, but come on, her helmet made all the difference? Maybe it was her day? Maybe she threw caution to the wind and hung it all out there kamikaze-style? Maybe the others were a bit slower than usual? Maybe the track was fastest when she slid and her order in the race made a difference? Maybe her sled rails were better prepared? Maybe her butt had something to do with lowering her wind resistance? Who knows.


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