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February 24, 2010

Killer Whale ironic.

Yes, a trainer was killed by a Killer whale who killed her when she fell into the killer's jail-cell of a tank. It's a type of captivity that's the whale equivalent of being locked-up on Alcatraz...or the moon.

Was it one of the many Killer Whales so fond of swimming near Central Florida, or is it captive and it attacked one of its captors? Tormentors? Jailors?Here, we sentence you to live in this little tank instead of roaming the oceans and for your further insult, we'll make you perform for your captors like a trained, uh, well, whale.

What are we thinking? Why not train a shark? Train a badger! A hyena. How about a hive of Killer Bees? Was the word "killer" lost on you? Yes, Killer Whales are called Killer Whales for a reason. They're not cuddly-wuddly cutie-pie whales.

Trainers say they work tirelessly on their communication skills with the whales. What? Unless you're making high-pitched clicking and squeaking noises, making sounds pass through your skull and getting an answer, you're like a monkey scratching your ass in a tree! Why people think they can train WILD animals is beyond me. A tiger mauls Roy and everyone is shocked? Not me. I was the "told you so" guy. There's a reason why you don't mess with them.

Does anybody remember that Orca's are migratory and social species, traveling in groups called "pods?" What we've done is separate this marine mammal from his environment, isolated him from interaction with other whales, forced him to act abnormally by being alone and not roaming the ocean, prescribed what it eats and when, and we expect these beasts to be friendly, happy, circus-freaks. It's solitary confinement with forced labor!!! How would you like it? Here you are, Mr. Twelve-thousand-pound animal, have a couple little fish and show me a trick. Wrong answer. You can tell it doesn't get enough to eat because if it did, it wouldn't perform.

Until we "Free Willy," I say make all their trainers and the Sea World people live in solitary confinement and let them see how they like it. I say they don't have to "train" a whale to do what a whale does...they "train" it to do what humans want it to do. If it had a vote, I bet it would say it wants to be free. LET IT GO!

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