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February 21, 2010

Danica bites the hoo, no film at eleven

So Jay, you say everyone is watching and waiting to see what happens in the Danica Patrick experiment? I have news for you buddy...I absolutely don't give a shit. In fact, if there was something greater than not giving a shit, it would be that.

Political correctness runs amok in NASCAR! Looky looky, there's a female racer so let's give her all the attention and every bit of slack, albeit it however deserved...or not. I say let her stand on her own two feet, stop mollycoddling her, and if she decides one day that being a short-term NASCAR tourist isn't so vogue and she wants to take it seriously, then give her some attention.

Hey wow! More NASCAR metaphors for being a leftist, just like my last entry! They prop-up someone who doesn't have the chops to make it on their own, adorn them with phony praise and unnecessary worship, speak of how this is the "new face" of NASCAR, and when the driver disappoints, make excuses for her, give her a pass out the door, and claim she was only a part-timer at it. In the end, it's a nice "experiment," and all the personality cult around her will say how gallant and noble she is, how she tried so hard, and how she was at some sort of disadvantage from the start. Like Jack Sparrow said, "utterly ridiculous twoddle-speak says I."

All I see is a woman not winning over men and throwing a hissy-fit. It's not a show of sportsmanship, but rather a display of temper and ego worthy of NASCAR. Ran off to the trailer did you? I know, like in other man-versus-woman endeavors, let's give the men a handicap. Better yet, let's have an all-woman NASCAR league! We can't have men's only basketball, mixed martial arts, lumberjack sports, surfing, fishing, golf, colleges, military schools, clubs, boxing, soccer, or anything else for that matter, so what say you? Hey, after all, nothing I like better than seeing tattooed, sneering women in the ring smashing each other in the face, choking the life out of each other, pulling off their shirts after scoring a goal, and out-and-out being ignored on the basketball court. Not. Was I inspired by the fact Muhammad Ali's daughter took-up the family business? Not at all.

Well, sometimes I watch the WNBA (ironically the acronym isn't in my spellchecker)out of morbid curiosity with maybe I'll be watching the trumped-up, artificially hyped show when it breathes its last breath. It's also heartening to see women dressed like men playing a sport for men only turned into a women's sport out of political correctness. Do you think they wear jock straps? Interesting when you see tattoos of women...on women. Are you thinking I'm Mr. "wipe the chicken-wing sauce from my face and smack the Hooter-girl's butt while I watch the WWE Divas on TV?" Nope, I'm definitely not that guy. In fact, I'm pro-female, much more so than lesbian leftist pseudo-feminists like Rosie or Janine. I believe women have rights that feminists actually deny.

Tell you what...if Danica ever comes on the metro train when I'm there or is behind me walking up to a door, she better not pull a hissy fit if I offer her my seat or open the door for her. I do that for women, so don't hurt me. It's a gentlemanly thing to do...I'm not threatening you.

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