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February 24, 2010

Never underestimate the power of "oops!"

Dude in his disturbing orange body suit and helmet skates in the wrong lane and loses Gold! He listened to the coach! What's a coach to do? Say "oops."

Told him to change lanes and shouldn't have? Oops!

Didn't count the laps and lane changes for your guy? You know, the one they compare to Michael Phelps in his sport and considered best in the world? Oops!

Didn't pay close-enough attention during the most important day in your racer's life, and probably yours? Oops!

Made your guy hysterical and absolutely inconsolable? Oops!

Made people wonder if you can count? Oops!

Probably going to have a negative encounter with his parents and your own Olympic committee? Oops!

I was channel-surfing at the time and magically caught the race. I don't even like speed skating, so what do I say? Oops.

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