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February 27, 2010

Bill Clinton surprised to find he shares Antichrist role...with his wife!

Mere days before Bill was to visit Haiti ...boom!!! ...Earthquake!

Fast-forward to today, mere days before Hillary is to be in Chile ...Boom!!! ...Earthquake!

What gives? Is the earth itself trying to tell us something? Is Slick Willy's heart condition forcing him to slide toward Gomorrah faster than he thought and his demon status is transferring to his main-squeeze? Hmmm....

Mr. Clinton seems to be a bit of a sad guy. I say what with "little Bill" getting little use since he left the White House, the effects from all his medications, a home life I can imagine makes eating glass preferable, and the cumulative effects of all of that thrown atop the skewed world view, despicable philosophy and characteristic self-loathing of all liberals, you gotta give him the benefit of the doubt...maybe cut him some slack.

I look at Bill and suddenly hear the Soggy Bottom Boys singing "I'm a Man of Constant Sorrow." Ironically, if you go to You-Tube, the song is lip-synched by that leftist knucklehead George Clooney.

After two earthquakes, two political careers, and judging by recent photos two cases of constipation, I say now we have solid proof Bill is Hillary and Hillary is Bill..."Billary," it seems.

I bet when Al Gore comes over the house they greet him wearing robes and Carnival masks and holding paddles. I bet all the furniture is screwed to the floor and the housekeepers slip them sedatives in order to reduce the chances of an earthquake on Long Island.

Nostradamus said there would be three Antichrists and we've only seen two. He never said it had to be a dude. He said a "man" will rise to power by sheer force of personality alone and...wait...hold it...we have to look into Obama a bit more.

Nevertheless, you can't help but wonder about two scheduled visits, and two earthquakes. For the love of Pete! Please don't go to Jersey! No visits to Panama either...that's definitely out of the question. Ever since Carter, they don't like liberals anyway...

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