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February 21, 2010

Robin Williams is an Ass!

I just watched his comedy special on HBO and three things struck me:

1. It wasn't funny
2. His comedy is a droning diatribe of dick jokes, drug jokes, attacks on conservatives, potty humor, and vulgar language.
3. He's a flaming liberal that needs an ass-kicking

To bash the former president is tired enough, but to say he stopped doing coke because he realized his mother was on the one dollar bill is not only completely inappropriate, but indicative of how far this worn-out hack has to go for a laugh. I have news for you there, Mork, no one laughed at that, and unless you grew-up on some other planet, people's mothers are off limits.

When will the Hollywood liberals lay off Mr. Bush? When will they realize that their selective memories leave out one very important happening during the Bush presidency that shaped the rest of it...9-11. If 9-11 didn't happen, I'm sure his presidency would have been far different.

What the liberals fail to remember is the terrorists didn't get the chance to do it again in the US because of President Bush. They have him to thank for their very ability to bash him. It's like saying you don't like cops until you need one, then criticizing how they do their job afterward. He kept all of them safe; they selectively forget that fact.

Liberals also like to blame President Bush for what happened in New Orleans after Katrina. Again, their selective memories fail to acknowledge the storm was over, people were safe in a city built under water, and then the levees broke.

Now the liberals stand by and let their lackluster lackey in the White House blame his predecessor for everything. Weak, weak, weak. When you take charge of an organization, it becomes yours, and what you do on your watch isn't judged by what the one before you did, but what you did. Of course, liberals seem all too ready to give their guy a free pass to be nothing more than the campaigner-in-chief.

So, what have we learned? Robin Williams isn't funny, liberals have selective memory, and people's mothers are off limits.

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