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April 14, 2006

Florida tackles a creepy problem - Burmese pythons

The creepy problem is actually "snake people," who like snakes and want them as pets. Thy always seem a bit odd to me.

Snakes don't come when you call! You can't teach them to catch a Frisbee! The darn collar never stays on! They border on "ridiculously" stupid...but they do keep that irritating stray cat problem to a minimum.

Would we catch them, cut certain parts out of them, then bury the rest in a landfill? Why not? We do that to fish.

Would we grind them up and feed them to cats? Why not? We do that to fish. Why is a cat more valuable than a fish or a snake?

Would we grind them up and sell frozen blocks of ground snake for use in catching other snakes? Why not? We do that to fish. Sell snake chum.

Can we establish a commercial market for them, then a recreational catching program where a person with a recreational license can catch two but a commercial guy can catch 2 tons worth? Why not? We do that with fish.

Can we cut certain parts off of a living snake and let the rest of the snake go, to suffer and eventually die? Why not? We do that with sharks.

I have the solution...just tell the Japanese they're tastier than American eel, and tell the Chinese they help put "lead in your pencil," and in a matter of months, they'll all be gone.

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