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April 9, 2006

Communistic ideas.

You know, sometimes I have Communistic ideas, and really, they're more like tendencies.

I hate the greedy, and the arrogant, and believe they should be taught lessons.

I applaud Hugo Chavez' cheap oil to poor people in our country program. He should keep it up and the greedy American oil companies and our government which supports them should be taught shame for making this necessary.

We would never do anything about the record oil company profits because we've let greed and arrogance get so in-grained into our culture that doing something to them would make the stock market plunge and hurt every other American company and citizen.

There will never be a cure for cancer in this country because there's no profit in it for the big, government supported greedy and arrogant drug companies. People say Cuba, yes Cuba, the little country everybody seems to flee because of how bad it sucks, is actually reported to have a national health care plan and competent doctors, a program which should come as an embarrassment to the big, greedy, drug and insurance company-run medical system we have here.

I hate insurance companies that threaten you into parting with all kinds of money for all kinds of coverage, and when the flood or natural disaster hits, or you get in an accident, they default (read: refuse to pay) on coverage they were bound to pay you by contract, and the government says "oh well," and does nothing. The insurance companies do what they want; they are above the law; their greedy corporate culture screws-over Americans left-and-right, and the government has no problem with that. The government would rather make sure the company stays afloat than honor its contractual obligations to pay. In other words, the government doesn't care if it does the right thing and shafting American citizens is fine with them.

Did we ever figure out what was in it for us when we invaded Iraq? Was it worth the huge deficit we have now? Did I authorize that? Did I say they could spend so much dough on a frivolous exercise in futility? Was it a benefit or a burden for all Americans to invade Iraq?

What other greedy, arrogant politicians will we elect next go-around. Guaranteed there'll be a Kennedy in there somewhere. You have to have mistress-drowning adulterers. It's a rule. And you have to bring all your cronies with you when you go to Washington so when all the skeletons start coming out of the closet, your supposed friends and advisors can jump off that rat ship you built. You know, the rat ship of sniveling, brown-nosing, wanna-be politician yes-men. Don't worry though, more crooked idiots are already waiting to pretend to be your friends.

It's called lobbyists, corruption, greed, and arrogance. This is the kind of thing the 2nd Amendment says we need guns from a tyrannical government. As you can see, it's starting to burn all the president's men, all the vice-president's flunkies, big-time corporate jerkoffs, congressmen, and a bunch of others. Their arrogance and greed gets in the way of doing the right thing for the rest of the country. Their country-club corporate power-politics makes them corrupt and lust for power and political favor. They can't see the real picture because of it, and they never will. They vote themselves millionaire retirement plans and pay raises, but forget about things like border security until it bites them. After the wound heals, they go right back to business-as-usual until it bites them again, and so-on, and so-on.

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