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April 9, 2006

U.S. Troops Kill 8 Suspected Insurgents

What is this, Washington D.C.? Do all these people have lawyers? I know, the ACLU has it's band of merry men over there handing out cards and teaching insurgents about the "US versus Miranda" court case, right?

WTF? Maybe they should call the article "Terrorist shit-heads get "benefit of the doubt." Or "American legal system a boon to the terrorist cause?"

Sure, sure, our legal system is okay, but it leans too heavily on the side of the criminal. "Suspected" insurgents. "Suspected" safehouse. What's with all the "suspected" nonsense? This isn't America we're fighting in, and we don't normally shoot people down who just look like insurgents. I would hazard to say that when one of these "suspected" insurgents fires an AK-47 at you, they're no longer "suspected" of anything. And what's with calling them "assailants?" Did they just rob a Walmart or something?

Hey news media! I have a solution; drop the touchy-feely PC bullshit and write normally. Here's an example:

"The U.S. military reports American troops killed eight insurgents Sunday during a raid north of Baghdad. Clashes erupted when troops surrounded a safehouse and nearby tent on the northern outskirts of the city. American forces killed five enemy insurgents inside the tent, and as enemy firing on them continued, our troops called for an air strike which claimed the other three bad guys."

Now is that so hard?

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