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April 10, 2006

Officer Cited for Showing 'Brokeback'

Now this one's funny. They didn't want to show the movie due to the "graphic nature of the sexually explicit scenes." Wow! How ridiculous. wasn't (from what I hear) a movie about cowboys raping each other, but a movie about man-love. Creepy...sordid...extramarital man-love, but non-violent.

To have a prison get upset about that makes as much sense as letting homicidal maniacs pump weights and turn into raging musclebound homicidal maniacs...about as much sense as boxer shorts and mini candy bars. Nobody's getting raped here boys.

Of course, it could spark a round of unwelcome man-love amongst the lonely inmates, but that's supposed to happen or we wouldn't have our stereotypes and cliche's, now would we?

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