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April 13, 2006

Never trust the government

Want another in the long list of reasons? Remember the "we want to help people buy their first home" pack of lies?

Now we have the greediest people on the face of the earth (real estate developers), buying every square inch of land possible, and in some cases, plowing it all under to build houses that all look alike, which happen to be next to stupid golf courses. Even the residents of our nation's stereotypically low-rent neighborhoods are now in fear of developers pushing them out of what? None other than their trailers!

The proof is the news article "Location, location: Developers snatch up trailer parks."

That's all we need...more cookie-cutter, conformist housing developments for cookie-cutter, conformist people to live in, and more displaced people needing affordable housing. Why do you think Toll Brothers is one of the best performing stocks in the country?

We better start donating to Habitat for Humanity now.

Oh...and remember, the government really cares about you...

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