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April 9, 2006

U.N.: Nations Refuse to Stop Geneocide

No they aren't. They don't know any better. It's age-old ethnic, religious, clan, tribal, and political warfare. It happens. The only problem is all the U.N. does is whine while they wait for the United States to do something about it.

They asked France and a couple other nations to do something about a number of these issues, and either it was a miserable failure or they said no. I believe it's also part of Darwinism. The strong survive, while the weak need to be tended-to by the masses and by outsiders. This is combined with developed nations saying "what's in it for me," and deciding if the case is worth getting involved.

I also think people now decide to stay out of things because in more and more cases, someone goes to some shitty country somewhere and ends-up getting killed for their trouble. It's like going to the neighbor's house when you stop the husband beating the crap out of the wife, and then in the irony of ironies, she pulls a gun and kills you for it. Crime statistics bear this out, proving that domestic violence calls are the most dangerous ones for police to respond.

The U.N. needs to ask themselves when they really need to get involved in nations that continually show they would not only rather have someone handle theior problems, but left to their own devices, they would rather be warring than at peace. Just look at Haiti. The U.N. intervenes in 1994 and then 2004, and is it any better than it was? Are Haitians still killing each other for power and money? Are gangs still roaming around doing the politician's dirty work? Has the poverty, AIDS, and environmental destruction stopped or even slowed? Have foreign investors come in or gone away? Does corruption rule or is there compassionate leadership? Has the infrastructure improved or further deteriorated?

I think it's time to tell the United Nations to sit down and shut-up. They're not effective and corruption reigns supreme there also. Until they go saying how screwed-up other places and other people are, they need to be above reproach or at least not seen as part of the problem.

By the way...the AP reporter on this story spelled "Genocide" wrong. Spell-check my lad, spell check...

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