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April 9, 2006

Poll: Immigration Worries Growing in U.S.

A couple thoughts come to mind dealing with the whole immigration issue:

-We are not a nation of immigrants. We are a nation of legal immigrants wanting to find a PC way to deal with the illegal ones.

-Illegal immigrants are aliens, not immigrants

-Stop all the benefits we give people for being here illegally and some may go home. How do these people get cars and get in accidents, kill people, and all that happens is they get sent home? That happened this week.

-If you really want to slap an American in the face, just tell him he has to take out a loan to send his kid to college while an illegal alien gets in for free.

-How do they think they'll enforce the new immigration idea? Answer: They're not, and they never intended to in the first place. It's a political trick. It's a lie.

-Why is immigration such a problem? It's just because of the tax revenue and the burden in health, social services, and schools these aliens put on the rest of us. however, everybody knows this is a problem that president after president gave lip-service to, and it snowballed into the problem it is today.

-Amnesty for anyone here before 1 January 06 is probably the only way to enforce this thing.

-Does this mean I'll hear English in the Walmart in Miami? No way!

-They may not like it, but when Vincente Fox said "Mexicans will do work that Blacks won't do," he was right. In fact, they'll do work that most Americans won't. Why is that? Because work is work to them. Having a job is a noble thing, and a way to provide for your family. Only in America do we arrogantly look down our noses and put people in working "classes."

-Like I said before...if the Mexican government doesn't want to stop all its citizens fleeing here, then they need to pay us in oil to keep letting them come.

-A guy running across the border makes a great target for sniper practice!

-Maybe we could pay the people coming up and crossing the border to test sneakers and hiking shoes! Then we could advertise "rugged enough to make the Baja 200- mile immigrant walk.

-Did Mexico run out of farm fields or something?

-When the Latin immigrants join gangs in California, we should be allowed to practice fire-and-maneuver tactics on them.

-Why can't they just do it the legal way? I mean really? Why not? Is there something that would stop them from coming? Do they just want to be illegal?

-Why isn't the Mexican government (and others in central and South America) just flat-out embarrassed that their countries suck so bad their people are clamoring to come here?

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